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    Is it worth returning to Wildstar?

    Hey everyone I wanted to post this on the Wildstar forums but my account is inactive and I can't make new posts.

    I really enjoyed the game but the end tier gating was irritating (i've heard its better now) and there were a lot of bugs and errors (I hear they are fixed too?) Just curious though if people still play it or if I'm getting back into a dying game.

    Only reason I ask is because I did enjoy it when I played in the past, but my authenticator was lost so its a bit of a hassle to get back into the game and I'm wondering if its worth jumping through all of those hoops if I'm just going to quit in a few weeks. I'm starting to burn out from WoW and was hoping to find a good MMO Fix.


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    There's a ginormous thread on this in the gaming forum fyi.
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    Yeah... but that derailed a while back. Most posts I read in there were about mini conversations it seemed. I'm content with this one getting closed but if it gets someone to PM me with some relevant info in the process I'll be pretty happy.

    The amount of hot fixing and scrambling Carbines been doing it seems like things change in Wildstar so fast too I wasn't sure if the info that thread did have was still relevant

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    Moved this to the appropriate forum.

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    Please use the existing megathread for WildStar discussion and questions.

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