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    Wildstar 5man instances to hard?


    ​Vote what you think

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    You can create polls in here :P
    I don't like going to random websites =(
    Anyway, I haven't tried them yet but if they are close to Rift 5man they should be ok, in Rift most bosses got some oneshot mecanic (at least used to) but once you done them once or twice you got a hang of it.
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    http://strawpoll.me is a well knowed poll site everyone is using :P

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    I'm sure they will be hard with F2P players

    Not level 20 on my new character yet, will be interesting and probably painful.

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    They have been nerfed enough, nerf them more and you basically get the WoW effect of mind numbing normals and heroic, while locking anything remotely hard away from timmeh and his grandmother.


    Read the developer replies in that thread, people complaining about the difficulty now are people who have barely done them and expect easy first time clears, my question to you is. If you don't enjoy being challenged in a team why not just stick to adventures or solo play? Why demand others fun to be ruined while alternatives for you already exist?

    This also does not really warrant another thread honestly.

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    They're designed to make people look into their characters' builds and gear, equip runes, etc... in order to get an edge. Also it's the type of thing that's designed for guilds to clear, which every other MMO is missing these days. WoW's whole structure of raiding being the only thing guilds do together is balls.

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    When I played, the difficulty came solely from constantly on the move, avoiding telegraphs. Fewer telegraphs, cake encounters. More telegraphs, obnoxious. Unforgiving. Very twitchy.

    I haven't played in nearly a year now I guess, though, so maybe things are different now. Some were simple with "enough" challenge, others were just ridiculous.
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