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    The beta is live. I'm already copied and downloading the client.

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    Possible downloader link ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klasis View Post
    Where will we see the invites on the page?
    Yes sir.. check you account page..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck-Shot View Post
    Maybe a lie, unless your EU with time zone ahead...
    Except thar majority of invites here seem to be going out to US players, not the EU ones.

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    europe bnet down ! beta inc

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    Wonder if the first wave has been sent out completely yet, let us know guys if your refreshing and your invite appears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lientii View Post
    No invite yet, I guess I was a little late getting the annual pass.

    CONGRATS to all those who get in the first wave!!! Give us lots of Info/Videos/Screenies

    You know what I was wondering, When I tried to get the annual pass initially I couldn't because of some issue. I had to call into Blizzard to figure it out, so will that delay screw me. Oh well.

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    For all of us who have been playing a long time (since BC or before then) and signed up for the pass on the first day, we are probably going to get in the first wave. Emails just haven't all gotten out yet. Their system may still be sorting who should be getting invites.

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    Got the AP on day one, and have been playing since vanilla (with a handful of 1 month breaks over the years). No invite. Is there anyone who HAS had a break in their account who has actually gotten an invite?

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    The servers aren't up yet, but when I checked my account, the MoP Beta link was there under games. I've got the install file downloaded (waiting on servers) and was able to queue up a character copy to Gilneas (US) - one of 2 US Beta servers (other was Lost Isles).

    Looks like its going live at any moment now !!!

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    *whistles and turns on Kung FU Panda*

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    I dont think the invites go out by howl ong you have played lol, im at 599 days played, call me what ever, i think its by region.

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    Had to cut out to beginning of it to post it.

    Here is proof.

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    Time to break out the old "No beta club" sigs again?

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    LE meeeeee in !!!!! got my Annual PASSS the second they told it in BlizzCon!!!! leeee me in !!!! iam a refugie

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    And now to wait for that beta invite. Thanks for the thanks Bibi! :

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevindv View Post
    europe bnet down ! beta inc
    Hmm? I can access EU fine right now :S

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    Here is a pic from the other beta thread:

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