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    WoD changes?

    Hey! What do you people think of the changes to the 3 monk specs? Seems like pretty big overhauls are being done from what I've gathered in the 6.0 threads on these forums, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    Are you looking forward to them?


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    For the most part, yes - mainly looking at WW. I'll change my 2nd spec most likely to MW. I haven't healed in a raid for a very long time, so it will be a nice change of pace. So I can't tell too much about the changes there, and how they will affect the playstyle. There are also some bad sides, e.g. the mastery for both specs. For WW, it's just not competitive and bad in terms of DPS. For MW, I don't really like the mechanic, and it's a really bad stat, too.
    To the talents - again, can only really speak for WW: I'm looking forward to ChiEx, though the downtime with it is a little too high for my taste, especially when taking RJW along with it for cleave fights. Hurricane Strike could be a nice ability, but still needs some tuning and probably even a small change in the mechanic because of the damage spread. As the numbers are now, I won't skill into it. Serenity has its upsides and downsides. It makes your rotation overall faster, giving you less downtime, giving you a small burst-on-demand-button. On the other side, I always hated it when sometimes I was overcapping energy (because of BL/CB procs etc), and at other times not having enough energy to press something (e.g. no CB procs for some time, and EB/FoF on CD). Serenity does make this stronger: You'll surely overcap while using it, but at other times the rotation may feel quite slow. But all in all, I'm quite content about what we get from our talents.

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