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    How is Windwalker is Beta?

    Hello all

    I have just returned after about a 6 month break from WoW and am wondering how WW monks are going with the Beta active? Are tehy still good or have they had their guts ripped out/watered down or are there soem unexpected changes that have been happening?

    Just want to know so I can decide if the changes are good for me and if I should keep gearing up for WoD or go to another class (enh shammy).

    Pointers would be good, as I am not an excellent monk player so didn't keep up with current meta as I didn't raid much before I left due to work commitments.


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    WWs are looking ok. There haven't been any massive changes. We play a bit slower, but that should get a little better as we get more gear. FoF was buffed, so you use it on CD now.

    As far as gearing for WoD, unless you're going for world first level 100, any gear that you get now will be replaced quickly enough in WoD that you can start leveling from 90-100 in all quest greens from MoP and be fine.

    For a better understanding of what's going on with WW monk, there's a really long and in-depth WW beta thread somewhere on the first page of the monk forum. You should take a look at the most recent few pages there to get an idea of our current state on the beta and where were're headed as a spec.
    WW Beta thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ker-Discussion

    Also, the official beta patch notes from Blizz:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/134...-8-8-2014#monk
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