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    Build Log Project "Boomer Sooner" Complete!

    ***updated 4/20/12*** its done scroll to the bottom of post for updated pictures!!!

    As some of you know iv posted a couple times on a project build im working on im going to start posting pics in this thread over the next 2 weeks as i finish it

    the case arrives tomorrow, when it comes in ill post a few pre-paint pictures and some post paint/mods but here is a small teaser

    here is a 5 port baybus by lamptron the before and after shots of the cables


    after 4/5

    again this is just a tease for the full build ill update with more tomorrow

    here are some pics of the case panels, the case put together before paint, this was done to make sure nothing was missing or bent/damaged.



    top down view of case its massive

    front panel

    left side panel showing horizontal motherboard

    front panel with baybus and 1 of 2 fan controllers the top slot will also house the dvd drive

    Edit #3
    case fans white with red sleeving

    close up on the power/reset and hdd activity LED

    *edit #4*
    pictures of base coat before clear coat and wet sanding
    this is 1 coat of paint doing a 2nd coat then clear coat then wet sanding should be finished tomorrow and start putting everything together friday/sat

    *edit #5*
    pictures of finished paint and partial assembly with most of the fans and panels put on

    *edit #6*
    well here it is the final pics

    build components

    case - mountain mod u2-ufo with custom paint
    cpu - i7-2600k 4.8ghz
    mobo - asus maximuz iv extreme z
    ram - 8 gigs gskill -upgrading soon
    gpu - xfx 7970 x2
    psu - seasonic 1250 80+gold

    cpu cooler
    water block - apogee rev 2
    radiator - black ice 360
    pump - laning d5
    res - ek spin dual bay
    fittings - standard compression fittings for now switching to some 45 degree and monsoon fittings soon

    11x spectre white 120m fans
    2x kaze master pro 6 channel fan controller
    1x lamptron hummer 5bay bus controller for lights

    *edit #1* listed main components
    *edit #2* added pics of case before paint
    *edit #3* added pic of fans and case power/reset switches + hdd/activity LED
    *edit #4* added pic of base coat
    *edit #5* added pic of finished paint and partial assembly
    *edit #6* final pics!! =)
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    Well the components already got me hyped, looking to be beastly. Beautiful sleeves btw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuvial View Post
    Well the components already got me hyped, looking to be beastly. Beautiful sleeves btw
    thanks its mdpc sleeving which is the pure best available only problem is i didnt order enough and its a pain in the but to order it in the first place since he is only open at random times in germany. Hoping i can order more and have it arrive before every thing else is done.

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    yeah even getting to SEE the mdpc store has been a PITA xD

    I saw it once in the last two months and that was after me setting and alarm and viewing it through my phone on the bus !

    Can't wait to see this though and gl with getting your stuff soon o/

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    I understand why miles does that but dam its a pain to get ordered..

    ---------- Post added 2012-03-23 at 04:43 AM ----------

    updated 3/22 with case pictures pre-paint

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    Looking good there!

    Outstanding job there! cant wait to see the end result. Question? Did you custom paint the case yourself and if so what type of paint and process did you use , spray, brush or machine?

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    thanks DG, i have not painted it yet the bottom pic is just a flash reflection its all still original till i work on paint this week. I spent my time sleeving all weekend

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    This looks so advanced to someone like me who has never worked with metal. The cuts are so clean, the panels are so nicely put together.....Flcrew, you're keeping this log updated on OCN right? You better be!

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    Exactly what is this? Im not bashing you or anything, but is that a computer where you build the case yourself?
    It certainly looks interesting, whatever it is
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catanowplx View Post
    Exactly what is this? Im not bashing you or anything, but is that a computer where you build the case yourself?
    It certainly looks interesting, whatever it is
    Pretty much, yes. I'm assuming he'll be doing everything including the screw holes, fan mounts, hdd docks, front panel wiring, etc. With a custom case he can tailor-make it to his exact needs

    You should can find heaps of work logs like this on OCN:

    Everything from simple stuff like sleeving to ridiculous stuff like custom cases built into desks.

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    Updated with case fans and power/reset switch + hdd activity LED for the front of the case

    also the case is now primed and base coat starts tomorrow morning was a bit of a pita to prime but going to look good when its done.
    hopefully i can add some pics from the paint booth tomorrow =)


    @Xuvial - no i am not posting on overclock yet... once i have it closer to completion ill post a thread there =) im just doing it here now cause i had a few people ask me to.

    @Deltrusdisc - thanks for the comments keep them coming and yea the plan is for this to be a work of art
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Definitely looking great so far! Go fasterrrr! :P
    you have no idea how much i want to just wrap it up right now but i work a full 45-50 hour retail job as a store manager so its a inbetween that kinda job + i am currently over seeing 2 stores at the same time so kinda doing time and half right now

    on top of the the paint booth im using is a buddy of mines, *he owns his own paint/body shop* so i had to wait till his booth was open to get it in to prime and paint starts tomorrow with 2 coats then clear coat after =)

    after paint is done i should finish with in a week

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    Dear god that is beautiful, I wish you good luck
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    updated with some paint shots of the first coat of paint =) should be done with paint and clear tomorrow and start putting together friday/sat

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    I'm impressed thus far. Keep up the updates, can't wait to see it up and running!
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    I like the sleeving very I'm not a fan of, but the inside of the case is going to look niiiiiiice
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    Updated with pictures of finished paint and partial assembly. got most of the fans installed and checked power supply for fitting with horizontal mobo

    sadly my friend that did the paint missed 4 small pieces that hold the fan controller/light switches and other drive bay parts together so i have to wait a few day for him to paint those

    also im 1 fan short due to a fan being bad and needing rma so a few days for that as well.

    more updates as i get time to work on it more its starting to come together though

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