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    Help finding an obscure Anime movie.

    It's from earlier than 2004, I used to rent it around that year.
    It's definitely R Rated, and it has a theme of demon invasion and sort of semi-futuristic setting.
    The main character is male and one of the antagonist succubi likes him.
    It's a more classical japanese drawn anime, I believe. Maybe some CGI effects.
    Unfortunately this is all I can remember, but any help would be appreciated. Been trying to find this movie again for a decade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhrizzle View Post
    Literally the FIRST thing that came to mind!

    Even tho there are some hentai like moments in it, its an incredibly cool movie!
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    That may be it. I'll check it out and report back. Thanks!

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    Googled urotsukidoji.
    Went to its wikipedia site.
    Wikipedia mentions it is some kind of an erotic thing.
    I wonder what kind really as there is no explanation nor pictures.
    Browse to the end of the page.
    See this:

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