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    Do you acknowledge and associate Disney direct to video sequels to the originals?

    In my opinion the only Disney movies I acknowledge are original movies that were theatrically released. Disney direct to videos are always lower quality in picture, storyline, and just there to milk cash off the original. In my opinion ALL Disney direct to video sequels do not exist and have no relation to the original movie it tries to affiliate itself to. I just pretend they are plagiarized cheap garbage produced by a rival animation studio that is not affiliated with Disney. The only Disney sequels I acknowledge are ones that were theatrically released. For example: Toy Story 2. My hate for direct to video sequels is directed especially towards the ones made for Disney Renaissance movies.

    So anyways for those who decided to read this post: Do you also share my opinion about Disney direct to videos in terms of not acknowledging or affiliating them with the original theatrically released movies?

    Please share your thought on Disney direct to videos. Please if you can just stick to the ones I listed. Obviously there were many other Disney direct to videos released for movies not from the Renaissance era, again they don’t count either. Try to stick with the ones I listed.

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    For those who have no clue what is going on and are interested in participating since you love Disney movies here is something to get things started.

    Here is my run down:

    1. Beauty and the Beast: Belle breaks the spell and lives happily ever after with the Prince. No prequel or midquel exists. Everything else is left to open interpretation and imagination.

    2. The Lion King: Simba restores balance and has a child. Whether the child is male or female is up to open interpretation. Scar’s pride was never mentioned in The Lion King; therefore everything in the sequel is complete garbage. Same goes for the midquel that was made.

    3. Aladdin: Jasmine and Aladdin get married and live happily ever after. What happens after is open interpretation and imagination. Aladdin was an orphan period and Jafar is sealed forever. Therefore the sequel about Aladdin’s father and Jafar’s return is not affiliated, does not exist, and not connected to the original Aladdin movie.

    4. Mulan: Mulan invites Shang over for dinner in the end of the movie. What happens after is open for interpretation and imagination. Mulan 2 was garbage, not affiliated/connected to the original Mulan and does not exist.

    5. Tarzan: Tarzan, Jane, and Jane’s father live a new life together in the jungle. Their adventure is open to the imagination. Midquel and TV show does not dictate what happened to Tarzan after the original movie. Both do not exist in my opinion.

    6. Hercules: Great ending, no direct to video sequel was made for it which is good. There was a TV show series though, once again doesn’t count for anything.

    7. Hunchback of Notre Dame: Quasimodo is free from the tower and welcomed into society. Phoebus and Esmeralda fall in love. What happens to the three of them after is open for imagination. The 2nd movie was garbage, does not count.

    8. Rescuers Down Under: This one is actually a sequel to the Rescuers movie from 1977. It was released theatrically so I count this one as it meets my requirement.

    9. Pocahontas: This movie was very controversial. What actually happened at Jamestown is still unclear and debatable. Disney made a huge gamble with this one. Should have done Frozen instead. The snow queen story was something that interested Disney back in the 90’s. For whatever reason it was postponed and finally made in 2013. The fact they made two sequels for Pocahontas baffles me.

    10. The Little Mermaid: This movie started the whole Renaissance and it was disrespected with a horrible sequel. King Triton permanently lets go his daughter Ariel to let her lead her own life. Ariel lets go her family permanently to go live with Eric. Ariel is never to see or be with her father or sisters ever again. This sad fate is something I believe the animation team for the original movie wanted in order to be equivalent/match to the sad fate in the REAL Little Mermaid story by Hans Christiansen. It was even mentioned in the movie when Ariel was told by Ursula she must become human to be with Eric. Ariel actually said: “If I become human, I’ll never be with my father or sisters again.”

    The Little Mermaid 2 was a violation in my opinion. Ursula’s less magical sister pops up and a recycled storyline is used on Ariel’s own daughter. Absolutely terrible. Whether Ariel has children should be open to the imagination. In my opinion what happened in the sequel does not exist. Ariel is permanently separated from the mermaid world and fully integrated into the human world with Eric. TV show that was made also is garbage.

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    Aladdin 2 wasn't bad, I think. But maybe that's just childhood nostalgia talking, last time I actually saw it must've been like 17 years ago.

    The Lion King 2, however, was just terrible, and an utter disgrace to the first movie.

    The rest of Disney's direct-to-video sequels, I don't recall ever watching.

    Anyway, yeah, direct-to-video sequels generally suck. I guess that's why they don't do theatrical releases for them, they're just quick cash-ins with very little confidence in their quality.

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    Nope. The only DtV sequel I've ever watched was the Lion King one all about Timone and Pumba and that was only because my then GF made me.
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    The Return of Jafar is actually pretty solid.

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    Alladin 3 was the only one I can actually remember, and I think that's enough. If I can't remember it, it clearly wasn't worth remembering.

    I definitely disconnect them from the main movies, but debating what's canon and what isn't is pretty pointless since most of those movies will never get additional sequels in their respective universes.

    Actually no, I remember tidbits from The Lion King 1 1/2, that one was pretty funny, and Hunchback of Notre Dame's sequel was awful enough it could use a bit of infamy. It read like a bad fanfiction trying to give the story a happier ending and a more bland villain.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nalira View Post
    The Return of Jafar is actually pretty solid.
    I think I'm just biased because they didn't have the same voice actor for The Genie, and that bothered me the entire movie.

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    Thank you for those who have answered so far. I am glad that I am not the only one out there who disconnect the direct to videos to the orginal theatrical versions.

    The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King are the ones in my opinion that bonafide Disney as a power house film studio during the 1990's. The direct to video sequel, midquel, or tv series for these BIG FOUR are the ones that are the main bulk of my disdain for direct to videos.

    I am actually glad that the studio responsible for those awful DTV was finally closed out in 2008 after another unnecessary DTV for Little Mermaid was released. It was Ariel's Beginning, not needed at all to be in the storyline.

    So basically if Disney ever wants to do a sequel to anything it must be theatrically released. Which means there must be effort put into it. For anyone who wants to post thier rationale please do!!!!

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    are they canon? no.
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    The Aladdin movies and sequels are canon, in fact. By that effect, so is the weird ass (but decent) TV series, as they were kind of tie-ins to end that. Also, I remember the second one didn't have a sizable budget for animation, but it wasn't really too bad. The third one actually had a much higher budget due to the popularity of the show, and thus it looked a lot better. I could give or take both storylines, because I felt they were unnecessary additions to his story, but since they are considered canon it's best to regard them as such. So they actually didn't get married until the third movie. Also Robin Williams voices the Genie again in Aladdin 3.

    One thing that tips me off to that was that Disney advised Square to use Return of Jafar as a basis for the Aladdin storyline in KH2, something they obviously did not do with the other worlds that did have DTV sequels and were returned to (The Little Mermaid, being one I can think of off the top of my head).

    As for Lion King II, I generally regard that one as canon, seeing as how it does fit the theme and motif of the original Lion King decently and its writing and animation aren't too bad (but the writing gets pretty awkward in places). I can still look back and enjoy it for what it is (perhaps more out of nostalgia now), even if it'll never really compare to the original.

    But as for most of the others, they absolutely resonate with the sound of "I'M NOT CANON". One that comes to mind in particular is the The Fox & the Hound midquel. Fuck that movie.

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    I acknowledge that they exist because they do. They are canon, you don't control whether or not something is canon. I don't see why somebody would either, it doesn't matter if they make a hundred sequels to the Lion King, it doesn't change the original.
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    Hey everyone,

    So far the opinions on Disney direct to videos have been very interesting. I hate to get involved in my own thread again but something interesting came up that I felt I should share for those who are reading and potentially will add to this thread by posting thier opinion.

    If you ever go to Disneyland or DisneyWorld, employees there will dress up as your favorite Disney characters for kids and adults to take pictures with. However they will only dress up for characters from orginal/theatrically released films only.

    For example you will see Prince Eric and Ariel. However Melody who is the daughter of the two is not to be seen in either Disney theme parks since she is from the disney direct to video sequel.

    You will see Woody from Toy Story, you can also meet Jesse and BullsEye as well since they were in Toy Story 2. Toy Story 2 was theatrically released.

    Does this mean even Walt Disney Company excludes/ not acknowledge the storyline or characters from disney direct to videos?

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    The Tinkerbell movies were DTV and were all fantastic. Can't speak for the sequels from the theatrical releases.

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    Hey everyone,

    Was really hoping more would voice thier opinion on disney direct to videos. Therefore I am bringing this thread up again in hopes of more participation.

    Once again should disney direct to videos be acknowledged and incorporated into the orginal storyline?

    Also disney direct to video characters are no where to be found is Disneyland and Disneyworld. Does this mean even Disney Co. exclude and count out the thier own direct to video storyline and character creations?

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