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    Question Question for Hardcore Comic Book Fans (Spoilers ahead?)

    Is Darkseid basically future Thanos? (No Google searching, I want people to actually respond with an answer AND an explanation for that answer.)


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    No. Darkseid is a 'New God' from the DC Universe of Comics, all-round bad guy and the ruler of a planet called Apokolips. He was created by Jack Kirby after he joined DC.

    Thanos is a mad titan conqueror, all-round bad guy and constant enemy of the Marvel Universe's cosmic heroes. He was created by Jim Starlin whilst being influenced by Kirby's creation of Darkseid.

    They're not the same person because they're from different publications completely and thus occupy different 'universes' or 'properties'. Use whatever word works.

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    They are different, BUT look up the marvel/dc crossover and Darkseid finds the Infinity Gauntlet. I'll let you see what he does with it.

    Darkseid - DC

    Thanos - Marvel

    Also look up Teen titans/x-men crossover.
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    Pretty much what Valkyrst said is all you really need to know.
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    Ok, so here is MY question....What happened to my favorite, worst ended anti-hero, Bob, aka Sentinel?

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