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    I'm still debating on whether or not I want to level a Monk from day 1. I made my DK my new main for the first half of Wrath and I enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe the same will happen for me and Monks when Mists is released. I'll have to try them out first. If I do enjoy their play style, then I plan on being the first level 90 monk in our guild, and hopefully among the top 10-20 of our server.

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    Start a Panda Monk, Panda Hunter, Panda Shammie, Tauren Monk .... or did I mention I have ADHD... or something like that .... lol

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    - Spend 2340984024 hours in the Pandaren creation screen to make two beautiful Pandaren girls, a monk and either a warrior or a shaman.

    - Explore the beautiful world of Pandaria with my main, a Shadow. I'll read every quest text and take my time to enjoy it all, because it never gets as interesting and fresh again as it is the first time. Do the occasional dungeon and explore them as well. Just like in Cata, it'll probably take me about 2-3 weeks to reach max level that way.

    - Slowly level up my 9 alts as well, and the new pandas.

    - Try to make some gold with the help of my professions ... not exactly sure yet how I'm going to go about with this, since flying is only available at level 90, which really puts a damper on farming.

    - Try out all the new class changes, talent changes, glyphs, spell changes ... be really happy about some and really unhappy about others.

    - Try out the pet fighting system. I choose you, Oracle Hatchling Roo!

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    I'm going to sit in trade and troll all the people who ask stupid questions.

    No, I'm going to make a legitimate attempt at realm first 90. I was close last time (7th 85 overall, 2nd Paladin), and I did it as Prot. This time around I'll do it as Ret.

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    Level my hunter to 90.
    Level my DK to 90 (then farm with said DK).

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    level my warlock while rolling need on everything I can for enchanting mats, and tailoring mats

    get enchanting to 575 and hold off on final 15 levels, do not level tailoring.

    roll need on everything I can to disenchant, and loot all cloth. Sell on the AH for big money the first two months.

    Be set for the entire expansion.
    dictated but not read.

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    Decide on my main (monk or resto druid)
    level to 90
    Level my profesions
    Gear up and spam hcs
    Make some gold

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    Once I get into beta and figure out a plan to make gold, Ill be doing that in live. I figure it mostly be leveling ASAP though..

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    Death knight to lvl 90

    Warrior to lvl 90

    Sell shit load and get all off there gold and send to my panda priest

    Get panda priest to 90


    Wait for last patch, come back and kill garrosh

    Stolen ... from elyssia .... mad elyssia?

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    1. Play around with new character creation screen and check out the Pandaran.
    2. Level my priest to 90
    3. Get yak mount if I have not gotten it before lvl 90.
    4. Work on leveling her chanting / tailoring as well as cooking for new buff food.
    5. level my inscription on my lock to get the boa off hand for my priest
    6. Get gear to do dungeons / start raiding
    7. Level my other 9 85's
    8. Work on getting the other 9 85's professions up.
    9. Get the Mist lore master on my main and my lore master toon
    10. Make a Monk
    11. Continue working on lore master on my horde toon if she dose not have it before Mist drops
    12. Make a pandaran if I chose another race for my monk.

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    1) Get my Druid to 90, start farming for gear and when the guild members are all at 90, start raiding the new tier.

    2) Roll a Monk (literally)

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