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    League of Legends World Championships: 2016 Megathread

    It's here! Worlds is finally here! Here are the groups:

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C

    Group D

    Since it starts today, here is the schedule for the first day (times are in PST):

    You can find the full schedule Here

    So have at it! What are your predictions? Who will make it out of groups? Any match ups you are particularly excited to watch?

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    Inc tsm gets alot of hype as each year and they dont get out of groups.

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    I haven't been posting here since last year's worlds.

    I'm baaaaaaaaack
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    So hyped for worlds to get underway! As a TSM fan I'd obviously love to see them get far, and I think they will atleast get out of groups, even get 1st in groups depending on who Splyce upsets.

    I think the groupstage this year will be very interesting, with only EDG being 'guaranteed' 1st place in their group. Also expecting ROX and SKT take 1st and I feel fairly confident TSM will as well, but as we've seen every worlds, upsets can happen in groupstages.

    Group A: I dont expect a lot from CLG, since they, except for Xsmithie have not been playing at their previous level so I think G2 will follow ROX out of the group.
    Group B: Impact is on f****** fire these days and I hope C9 will follow SKT, but I havent watched very much LMS this year so Flash Wolves might surprise me, but I doubt it.
    Group C: EDG 1st, easy as that. I really have no idea which of H2k and ahq is going to take 2nd, but I'll have faith in pr0lly and FORG1VEN and say H2k goes through.
    Group D: Both my heart and brain says TSM will finish 1st. I think RNG will be exposed mid to late against both TSM and Samsung, so I'll say Samsung gets out as 2nd.

    Going to be superfun to see how the meta plays out and hopefully see some sick upsets

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