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    Riot knows where is problem?

    The more i read about new rehabilitation system, the more i start thinking. Did Riot knows where is problem?

    I started playing LoL at the end of 2012 year, and again few weeks ago i taken a break. Why? The main problem what i see currently, that tribunal for long time, don't work. Riot says that tribunal is rebuilding, but even if tribunal will be finished. I feel that the problem with trolls etc, will remain in game but via tribunal.

    Don't get me wrong. I like LoL, but currently Riot seems care more for $$$ from Riot Points instead of clearing game from trolls. At some points, vote to kick in champion selection might be good but not for long.

    To be honest also, i lost count how long tribunal is off.

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    This new system is working as per its mandate. The new system picks up when people have a certain amount of reports. It then scans their chat logs for specific phrases, which could be expletives, racism, homophobia etc, and then uses some logic to decide if they require a ban.

    I think the problem lies with the players in what they think a 'feeder' or a 'troll' is. For example, I may pick Katarina as support. I am more than entitled to do this, because the meta is not enforced in LoL's ToS. Am I a troll?

    Also a lot of people still think taking a lot of deaths while playing is a reportable offense. It isn't. People have bad games. I have bad games. I have some games where I may die up to 12 times over the course of the battle, but not a single death was intentional. So do I deserve to be reported? It's the same with 'bad players'. Some people do not live up to others expectations, but again, this is not a reason to report.

    The new systems is getting rid of nasty people, people who will flame and put people down and ruin the atmosphere of the game. It was implemented primarily because a lot of people do not consider racism and homophobia to be bannable offenses when according to the ToS they are. I may report someone for calling some a fag, but the people in the tribunal will wrongly think that that isn't punishable. I think it is working.
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    The new system wich is out now works better. The improved system they are coming out with soon is what worries me a bit. Riot Lyte said in an interview that the system is currently making a mistake 1 out of 6000 times. Considering the playerbase of league of legends where 70% of the community recieves reports at some point, especially the super tilters who just reports everyone in the game.
    Then you might log on one day only to realize you've been banned. Hopefully there is a support function for this so they can manually review the cases too. I know the system is apparantly suppossed to learn from the cases it goes through, but lets face it. We are pretty far off artificial intelligence as it is. :P
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    In the new system if you do not swear or insult anyone, then you wont have any action taken against you.
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