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    so i guess you played garen??
    Yes it's so retarded. But if you don't do it, they will do.
    >Taking 3v3 seriously.
    Did 3v3 just for fun
    Shoo, they miss you under that bridge already :<.

    And Cobblar, it's not just Darius, but also TRONDAMERE.

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    FUCKING AARGGRFYUPRFVgpewå sometimes i just think all retarded persons in the game is getting on my team!!

    First off i play ad carry with karma support.. we win our lane no prob.. but fucking holy hell.. they have ez mid that wins hard teemo top that gets overfuckingfed and we start to lose all teamfights because our jungle / top / mid is retarded. I'm the only one warding with sightstone except for the support buying 1-2 wards now and then
    And for every teamfight we lose their ad carry gets more kills because none is focusing him..
    Ended with a huge lose because they was so fed

    Next game i wanna malphite jungle.. but nooo someone else wanted to jungle as lee sin.. okay i say and go top we have a lux mid against talon losing hard and not saying ss resulting in talon getting kills from bot too .. Lee sin takes blue all the time because he "needs" it.. First time lee sin wanted to gank was on my lane against elise with the lowest health in the universe.. he dies in no time and gives a kill, a while after i get ganked from their lee sin and talon.. Alright.. now talon was on 6 kills and lux wanted to switch lanes.. Y thank you bitch.. just feed your lane and let me have it.. ty
    Bot failed even harder.. ad carry sucked and over extended all the time and always ran in like he was a melee champion.. the support raged and didn't wanna support for him so she wen't top at some point where she took my minion then mid and waited for them to be low so she could take them, she never warded and just ran around giving kills to them...

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    As soon as you said your mid lost to AP Ezreal, you had all my sympathy instantly. I hope you'll get better luck soon.

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    Do you guys sometimes want to lose yust to spite your horible teammembers?

    I was playing as Swain mid vs teemo and absolutely slaughterd him so all good im always happy to get to kill that little rat.

    Meanwhile our top is losing 2 vs 1 so i walk up there and get a kill on him + the jungler, ofc while getting insulted for ksing.

    Teemo wo i calld ss for went bot which resulted in our bot screaming they report me for it.
    Teamfights start happening and i get a pentakill ( im very fed at this point ) im feeling great yet again my team starts bitching that i should give the kills to themm, swain can't carry, i shouldn't use dots and my ult all the time its a noob way to get kills etc etc.

    The other team surrenderd at this point if they didn't i might have yust trown the game thats how pissed i was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reluctant View Post
    Do you guys sometimes want to lose yust to spite your horible teammembers?
    All too often, I'm afraid.

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    Ok, lost almost 200 elo with my amazing Cho jungle, so I am going to put this champ to rest /cry.

    My part in this story has been decided. And I will play it well.

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    The game I just played was terrible... terribly great! Now that Nidalee has a new model, I think I'll make her my new favorite champion. Holy crap did I have nothing but resentment and apathy for her in the past, but with her remake, she feels so fresh and responsive. I know this isn't the right thread, but I thought I'd tell you guys to try out Nidalee if you're not having luck. That new frost gauntlet item works great, by the by.

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    Fuck intermediate bots. Fuck them sideways with a rusty spoon.

    We had that game. We fucking HAD IT. All lanes pushed to their base with the mid inhibitor going down, giving us a pushing avenue. But here's the fun thing about intermediate bots: it doesn't matter how far ahead you are in kills and levels, they snowball at the same rate you do. What should have been a 30-minute slightly shaky but well-earned win instead turned into a 50-minute agonizingly slow loss.

    The worst part wasn't that the rest of the team was a pre-made that spoke Spanish (and in slang, no less, which meant that even with my knowledge of Spanish I couldn't understand them at all so I just ignored chat and communicated through pings), but that when we'd been aced and they were smashing our nexus turrets to pieces, I called for a surrender. I don't care if a team run by humans beats me, because it's other humans; no matter how shitty they act about it, at least they have a god damned voice. But I'd rather blow up my own fucking Nexus than watch five machines turn it to ash. But them? Nope. Surrender vote failed 1/4.

    FUCK INTERMEDIATE BOTS. I'm gonna go in beginner, smash Annie's face in to make myself feel better, then dive into PvP and at least know that any losses weren't because the fucking AI cheats.
    I am the BEASTMASTER. What are you?
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    It's like saying "Why train up as a football team and go and play in the World Cup, when any random groups of people are playing Football down the park all the time! Footballs too accessable for everyone, GZ Blizzard!"

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    Play normal ranked is competitive gameplay!! not a fucking normal number 2 where you can run around and suck ass all the time

    Went from 1360 to 1250

    everytime i get retard team who fails so fucking hard that it hurts..

    last game i go mid.. orianna

    Okay.. we need some tanks or cc i say..

    NOPE! fucking team of useless all pick squishy against cho olaf blitz eve corki..

    fucking gg noobs.. lost so hard that it hurts.. and the ww we had only went top "going to babysit top" he never ganked other lanes.. and when he finnally went mid.. their jungler was there.. what did he do?? chase him into their jungle and die.. yepp that are the retards i'm with..

    never going to get over 1300 elo because of small kids thinking that them being lvl 30 means they are pro players and need to play ranked 24/7
    fucking think for a sec and pick something that isn't complete shit

    just had to dodge and now i can't play for shitloads of time because it is third dodge now..

    fuck you all who play ranked and don't know how to play the game.. fuck you to hell
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    Oooooh do i have a good one right now...

    It started in champ select. I wanted support but this one guy insta locks Taric. Right, no problem. I go ADC (only roll left), altough it isn't my best roll i can pull it off. We went up against a Rumble/Lulu lane. It was kinda weird. But still, I get one kill on Lulu and then it all started. Wards? Taric had them. But did he use them? Maybe two three times in the laning phase. Then Taric starts taking creep with his spells even uses his ulti just to get some creep. After a couple of horrendous fights rumble gets sligtly fed and i just can't 1v1 him anymore. At around the 11:00 min mark Taric just leaves lane and decides to push mid to the tower screwing over creep for the Mordekaiser who was mid.

    Occasionaly Taric came back to bot only to die to Rumble. He then starts swearing at me. I don't know how old this person was but it looked like an angry 10 year old was behind the PC. I get outzoned by Rumble/Lulu not even able to get any creep. When i'm at my tower I was just getting dived. The Morde and Jax on my team support me and knew that it wasn't my fault but still... How in the world can one person be like this. I'm getting all the blame for being a bad ADC. My CS was low, Did not have enough items... well NOT SHIT i'm being outzoned so hard the only thing i could do was to stand at my tower.

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    this is pretty much how all my ranked games look like..

    filleds with kids trolls and feeders..
    the akali decided to start the chat with spamming top or feed 20-30 times.. when he finally stopped and we tried talking about it.. all he could say was best top na 2200+ elo
    in the worst english possible..
    Poppy just locked in and spammed time to troll
    and ryze locked in.. to mid while we had a LB
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    AD Gragas, totally viable and good champion.
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    No naming and shaming guys. If your gonna post images, blackout the names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    No naming and shaming guys. If your gonna post images, blackout the names.
    Seems like someone needs to clear half the thread's pictures. ^.^
    "Defending a position by citing free speech is the ultimate concession: you're saying that literally the most compelling thing you can say for it is that it's not illegal to express."

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    Just had a game with an AD leblanc "carry" in bot lane and an AP warwick insisting on mid...Go figure..

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    Warwick mid isn't that bad. I know Gman bob used to play it a lot. It's no more different than playing Yorick/Lee Sin mid. AD LeBlanc however :/

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    I'm the only one who thinks teemo needs a huge fucking nerf on toxic shot ? it deals way too fucking much dmg that it makes teemo as easy to play champ that takes no skills..
    just auto attack with toxic shot and win top vs all.. you get ganked?? no prob freewards and 5000000000056149658469 ms because of his passive and spell..

    fucking no skill champioN!

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    I'm glad I don't play this game. Looks like all it does is make people angry >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brasco View Post
    I'm glad I don't play this game. Looks like all it does is make people angry >.>
    You are in a thread about people having bad time while playing game and venting here. What do you expect?

    On a side note: look at dota forums, they are full of rage -.-

    Just played as wukong on duo top (nidalee refused to go support on bot line, so we had trist solo bot). Ended up with zero kills on line, nida stole all of them with spear while i was diving into tower.
    Tristana had 13 creeps kills at 17 minute, kassa-mid was flaming about us being noobs (he had 0/6/1 at 17m), he lost lane to brand.
    Leona-jungle left game after dying on blue twice. Usual normal game. But it was fun to look at kassadin swearing in [All] chat and enemy team suggested to report him for flaming. So if anyone will see kassadin reported by ~9 players and with 0/6/1 score, please PM me with your verdict
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brasco View Post
    I'm glad I don't play this game. Looks like all it does is make people angry >.>
    Well you have entered the "need to vent" thread, if the name isn't a giveaway that people will be angry in this thread then I am not sure what will

    You could make this thread for pretty much any game (especially for pvp) and get the same results.

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