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    Tired of jungle changes

    Does anyone else get tired of riot overhauling the jungle like 2-3 times per year? No other lane is affected by such broad changes. Jungle Vi has been my main source of ranked wins and how I got from B5 to S5 in the last 2 seasons but I don't play ranked much.

    Whenever I take a break from league I always come back to changes in the jungle. Right now without reading ahead of time or wasting 2mins at the in-game shop, the new jungle machete items are pretty confusing. Then there's changes to the wights, wraiths, crabs and willow wisps? terrain layouts, probably camp respawns etc. it's just annoying to have to relearn jungling and efficient clear routes so damn often.

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    As a jungle main, I'm quite happy that they keep the jungle in their sights, it's nice that it doesn't stay stale. The core principle remains, always, but it's very refreshing to have to adapt and rethink your overarching strategy as a jungler every time they make sweeping changes.

    Right now however, it's a tiny bit boring, in soloQ at least, all I have to do is secure dragon to dramatically increase my team's chances of winning.

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    I for one like the changes, junglers feel a lot more versatile

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