Thread: Lol or Wow?

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    Lol or Wow?

    Give honest opinions. I wanna know what the majority prefers.

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    LoL because i can be imaginative and create my own build with unique runes, masteries, items and be different from everyone else.
    I always like to be different and in WoW is just impossible with all the change removal of any kind of customization.

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    Bit of a stupid comparison. That's like comparing F1 to Borderlands.
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    Completely different games. LoL is easier if you have little time. WoW is much more fun if you have a lot of time to invest.
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    I tried LoL a long time ago. I researched the game, watched some playthroughs, then found a character and style I thought sounded fun.

    Then I discovered that said character/style wasn't really viable until you had hit summoner level 30, which required a lot of grinding. Not exactly what I had been looking for in a game with the style of LoL, so I tried looking for more characters.

    Did decently my first few matches, then ran into a few issues. Decided to venture onto the forums for help, ran afoul of the community. Was significantly less than pleasant. I expect vitriol everywhere on the internet, but I didn't find anything of particular value outside a few stickied posts to balance it out. In the end, it felt like the cost of dealing with the terrible community, the terrible in-game reactions, and grinding was not worth the potential of truly enjoying the game if and when I finally mastered it.

    I also hate the "last hit" mechanic. I'm capable of it, but find it distasteful. If I ever seriously go back to a MOBA, it's likely to be HotS for that reason alone.

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    Yeah, different games and all...

    League of Legends used to be really, really fun back around S1/S2/Maybe even S3, but afterward the game continued to get progressively worse (likely due to Tencent) and continues that trend today.

    This is coming from someone who played the game almost religiously, played at a relatively high level (Diamond~ during S3) and spent over $1,000.00 on the game over a course of several years.

    I definitely will go back to WoW long before I go back to League.
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