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    Your top 3 ADC-Champ and why?

    Hey guys tell us wich 3 are your favorite adc-champions and why.

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    My favorite ADC champions have to be Miss Fortune, Lucian and Jinx because they are the only adcs I play.

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    Tristana - Mainly because shes a late game hard carry with a decent escape and knock-back so I usually find her super safe.
    Ashe - I guess just an old favorite, level 6 with a half decent damage is support means death for the enemy ADC (Unless the Tahm is around)
    Miss Fortune - Mainly because I just like the bully ADC play style (usually play bruisers top), love tap gives you great incentive to keep "tapping" enemies and that ulti.... when you pull off a good one man it feels great (till Yasuo or Braum screw up your day)

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    Jhin - Absolutely love everything about him. The only thing i don't like is the lack of "real" mobility, but the passive helps with that
    Kindred - Again, i love everything about him/her/them/it. Not really played as an ADC, but oh well.
    Kalista - I like her theme and kit. The ultimate is also awesome, probably my 2nd favorite adc ult (after Jhin).

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    Jhin - I've been playing him a lot recently, and I've begun to discover all his tricks that can make him so devastating.
    Quinn - Played her top a fair bit pre re-work, and even though her Q 'blind' is oppressive to play against, I still like playing her, and it only makes me feel a little bit dirty. They made her rotation meaningful too, and she can do so much damage it's unreal
    Ez - I was tempted to say Varus, but Ez has the requried escape, a map wide Ult, and can poke really heavily.
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    Lucian - Give me a proper Thresh or Leona and early game is secured, Lucian's power early together with Fervor of Battle is silly.
    Tristana - Always been a fan, I find her early lacking but she more than makes up for it late, also quite nice utility
    Sivir - My go to lady when I go up against the free mana pot (err, Thresh)

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    Lucian, Corki, Twitch. My season 6 most played ADCs. I play Adc-Mid in dynamic queue, so Corki is naturally a mid pick as well. As well as they all are pretty different in playstyle and strengths / weaknesses. Might add Jhin in too, first have to get the 6300 IP.

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    Graves - Like the look, and shotgun burst is fun
    Mordekaiser - He's a Death Knight that, again, solely exists to burst
    Jinx - I don't know, she's just more fun to play than most ADCs. I'm not a big fan of the role, but I feel like Jinx is ADCs done right.

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    my top 3 faves:
    Vayne - because vayne, duh
    Miss fortune - because she hits hard and her ult is cray cray
    Quinn - I don't play her bot lane, I troll with her on top lane, love her flight form making her a great assassin style ADC

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    Vayne because she feels like a really fun champion to play, like if I have a really good day mechanically I feel like a god, cause of the tumble and stuff you know?

    Jinx, she's pretty much the first Marksman I picked up when I started maining the role, switching between your fishbones and your minigun while trying to position properly just has an amazing feeling, especially if you're in a big teamfight and your passive goes off, so you just have insane movement speed.

    And for my third I'm gonna have to go with Twitch or old version Tristana
    Twitch is just so amazing because of his stealth, you can make some pretty insane ganks with it and he really feels like a kind-of assassin when doing something like that.
    Old Tristana was just so fun because you bought Statikk first and had incredible attack speed with your Q while her late-game range was so absurd.

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    Jinx, Jhin, Vayne
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    My favorite ADC champions have to be Ashey, Jinx and Vayne because controlled opponents skills

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    Ezreal,Vayne,Jinx Hard carry champs for me

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    Ezreal, Jhin and Tristana. They all resemble mid casters in some ways, and seeing as I main mid that is helpful.

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    Caitlyn - awesome lane phase

    Sivir - insane wave clear, allows you to get to team fights faster without missing CS

    Tristana - super safe and excellent against assassin / divey teams.
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    Jinx because she is a god late game.
    Corki because bruiser corki is a mobile death machine.
    Tristana because of her safety and self reliance.
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    Sivir - ADC is my least played role, but I love her combination of spell shield for trading, huge teamfight damage, and her ult is probably the most support-oriented ADC spell in the game.

    Caitlyn - strong lane phase compensates for my weak ADC skills, lets me play safe but still control lane with poke / trade, not as strong at scoring early kills - but she's consistent: she doesn't lose lane, and she doesn't die early. She's my safe pick.

    I don't even play ADC enough to have a third choice, but if I did historically that's probably MF - she's a fairly safe choice in lane, and her ult can win teamfights in late game. I haven't played Jhin (though I do own him, because I caught them all) but I feel like I should like him - I've always had a thing for Harlequins - some RL friends were shocked I wasn't role-switching to ADC when he came out.
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    Miss Fortune - pushing capabilities. No one creep scroes like MF.
    Caitlyn - pretty much best range in the game
    Vayne - Late game damage + crit

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    league is dying now

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    Ashe - My favorite. The perfect mix of Damage and Utility. A consistent slow, map wide range stun, map wide vision, Strong against turrets and one of the best consistent damage dealers!

    Caitlyn - Long range bully, crappy midgame but if you can make it past that or snowball she becomes a terror in the right hands. An escape, zone control, poke. What's not to love?

    Jhin - Long range abilities, Great utility, some decent CC, Several execute mechanics. He's just seriously fun to play and he has a really nice rhythm to him once you get a few levels. the slow AA animation isn't even a problem after awhile.

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