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    put it under the april fools mega thread maybe.
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    Please. For the love of Sanctuary and all that is holy. Let this be blizzards april fools joke.

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    Look at the custom job on the Wii, good god.
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    Because I always wanted a reason to say this:
    "And so it begins!"

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    that was a pretty lame joke....

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    Not sure if april fools...

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    If this is true I'll definitely buy it even though I'm getting it on PC already, but I'm thinking it might be an early April Fool's joke.

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    April Fools day is always so awesome.

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    An impressive April Fools.
    Blizzard have admitted that console development was a strong possibility, but it was only very recent.
    No chance they could have got it over to the Wii in that short a period of time, especially considering what I think is an ongoing beta with potential further tweaks.

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    That would soo be awesome if that was true but definitely April Fools

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    Keep in mind, Not a blizzard april fools, but a http://www.diablofans.com April Fools.
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    I love the Barbarian and monk controls lol. I'd be exhausted after playing one on normal for 5 minutes. Not to mention probably throwing up from whirlwind.
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    I would totally buy that Wii, just saying.

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    Although I wouldn't want to play D3 on the Wii, that Diablo 3 themed Wii looks pretty awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesewheel View Post
    Although I wouldn't want to play D3 on the Wii, that Diablo 3 themed Wii looks pretty awesome.
    my thoughts exactly, april fools or not, i love the skin of the wii
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    april fools lies. if anything they would release it for the WiiU

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    I'd totally buy a wii and wii remote that looked like that if they existed, but they've done more convincing April fools jokes in the past.
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    well its coming to consoles.. its not going to be the wii but wii u is likely.
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    Locking this now as it was an April Fool's
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