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    So exactly what i expected... The Nightelves in Azshara are just there to get wrecked by stupid little Goblins ... a race that is not even intended to be taken seriously.

    In Ashenvale, well there is absolutely NO victory for the Alliance. All we do there is stopping the Horde from getting even MORE victories while we still lost 2/3 of the forest, just stopping the Horde from taking the left 1/3.

    But then, after you quested through Ashenvale and being oimpletly demotivated, you get to Stonetalon, where everything peaks on the trial of stopping a goddamn balloon ... seriously a balloon with a big bomb on it. You complete your quests there, missing a slow , wind powdered balloon everytime and at the end EVERYTHING you did there, was for nothing since you cannot win this, you quest through it for the sake of seeing you lose and a SCHOOL!! is nuked to a giant crate.
    After that your NPCs tell you "shit happens, move on" ... i mean what?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talime View Post
    After that your NPCs tell you "shit happens, move on" ... i mean what?!
    True that as well, the Alliance part always seems to end so abruptly, so ok, they destroyed this school I was thinking, time for payback! "go to Desolace, the alliance recruiter is waiting" Ok, Desolace, Horde killing time! "Ok, welcome, go kill some satyrs"... wait, what? And all that while the Horde makes a tornado and destroys Nijel's Point.

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