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    heroic spine 10 man help

    So we've been having quite a bit of difficulty with this fight so far. One main problem is the amount of damage our raid is taking from bloods making us healers have a hell of a time with our mana by the third tendon. Just looking for a few tips on most efficient ways of dealing with them or some links and ideas of some good strats for this fight. We run with disc, resto druid,holy pally healing. and for dps we have spriest,ele shaman, rogue, mage, hunter, ret pally, demo lock to choose from (although we never bring our lock). And a bear tank with either blood dk or warrior. Any tips appreciated.

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    I just downed him a few weeks ago, healing comp was 2 holy paladins and a resto sham. To start off with, have 2 people clearing the debuff at all time, with minimum aoe healing if necessary while the other person takes care of the minimum tank healing and dispelling (he also just kep healing rain down) The damage should be very minimum at most time, the only time a dps should take damage is when you kill a blood, off tank should be grabbing all bloods and keep every blood off dps and heals. If people do start taking damage, then you just gotta burn the debuff as quickly as possible to get healing on them, also, having a resto sham is (to me) almost necessary. they have the best dispel (they heal when they do it) and spirit link helps soooo much during the roll phase, it equalizes health even for the people with the debuff. Have only 1 aoe class everyone else do minimum aoe. Keep trying at it and you will get it eventually

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    is the damage from the bloods because of the aoe they do on death or aggro?

    warrior tanking the bloods and dk tanking amalg would be the best since the warrior can kite the bloods the eziest with shockwave/charge/leap/intercept along with glyphed wrath from the pallies and the dk doesnt take much damage until the amalg is stacked to 9 so hes building his blood shield the entire time

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    Have your blood dk tank the final amalgamation right next to the plate and everyone but the blood tank stack directly on him. He needs to HS/BB every few seconds to pick up straggler bloods but dont go nuts when the blood tank makes their way back to him when kiting, or he'll get too many and get owned. Everyone sits and burns on the amalg, and the DK starts moving to stack it around 1m (higher than the others since everyones burning it). We've never actually had to stop to kill bloods. Whatever little amount of AoE everyone should be dishing out as part of their rotation anyways will kill enough bloods. Also, do NOT let your ret pally use Bone-Link fetish as it does STUPID amounts of AoE without trying (our ret used it once and wiped us coz it was her top dps). The same goes with your shadow priest/mage/lock and cunning. The shadowbolt volley just does too much passive aoe and will do too much to the bloods. You gotta remember when the blood dies they dish out like 22.5k PER blood to every person in the raid, and by phase 3 with just 1 person using one of those trinkets, you'll be killing several bloods per second and heals just can't keep up with that, especially with the degredation stacks reducing everyones health.

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    We do it like 2-2-2 and we dont need to kite the bloods either we just soak 8 bloods on each roll phase then you end up with like 6 adds on last platform and can just do the same as the otherones without kiting them. I take it you need help on last platform. Also make sure you dont kill the bloods fast let your warrior tank kill them of in a steady speed if 1 explodes that does not matter but if 5 explodes at the same time you suddenly have to panic heal. also make sure if you are gonna AoE them down we usely do that on second platform for second push to pop a Raid CD such as shieldwall or something similar.
    we use
    2 warriors tanks
    1 rogue
    2 paladins(ret and 1 holy)
    1 shaman healer
    1 hunter
    1 mage
    1 boomkin
    1 priest disc
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