View Poll Results: Which priest race is hawter, Dont chu whsh your girlfriend was hawt like me.

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  • Blood Elf

    42 34.71%
  • Night Elf

    11 9.09%
  • Draenai

    16 13.22%
  • Human

    10 8.26%
  • Troll

    20 16.53%
  • Gnome

    4 3.31%
  • Dwarf

    6 4.96%
  • Worgen

    1 0.83%
  • Goblin

    3 2.48%
  • Tauren

    1 0.83%
  • Undead

    7 5.79%
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    What Priest race is hawter?

    Please dont flame, its just a thread to see what people think is the qtiest priest. And or what priest class do you play?
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    blood elf always hawt

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    whers option for forsaken?

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    Blood Elf, but I think they look best as -any- class, not just priest.
    Thank Aryiana for the image.

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    Those are races, not classes

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    you forgot the best class


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    Goblin. Which makes me think, why are there so many races missing on the poll?

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    Qtiest? Really? That's not even shorter than cutest. If that is what it means. /unsure

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    Draenai? What is that? Oh you mean Draenei. Then that

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    Trololol, kinda like this thread...

    Why hate on the short, thick and those missing patches of skin?

    Goblin = cutest laugh

    Tauren = cutest dance

    Undead Male = Sexiest spell casting animations

    We have enough of this kind of stereotyping in real life, do we really need it in a video game?

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    My priest is currently a BElf (friends play horde), but she'll always be a human to me.

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    NE MALE!!!!!! The rest of you have no taste!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cephius View Post
    NE MALE!!!!!! The rest of you have no taste!
    That or we like good casting animations
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeniedNZ View Post
    Please dont flame, its just a thread to see what people think is the qtiest priest. And or what priest class do you play?
    mmm look at dem pixels
    also i'm going to object that goblin is not on the list?

    short and green not your thing?
    don't be mean we're on the same team.
    I'll heal yo-
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    No Undead?


    Forsaken is the sexiest race. It is a known fact, but you want to roll alliance pandas and worgen are nice too.
    Voted troll, they have nice animations.
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    There was a time once, where hawt was just Hot en qtiest was just Cutest.
    Man i getting old i think >.>

    Also fail poll, it misses gnomes !

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    Human and Draenei, no questions asked
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