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    Does PC gaming fuck up your eyesight most or is it just paranoia?

    No, really I'm serious. When I was a teenager I mostly played on consoles, but for the most part I stopped after I got a PC. I mostly just emulate old console games as well if I want my fix of that, but otherwise my face has just been glued to a PC screen for gaming for about five years.

    I've recently tried going back to console gaming but I feel disoriented/sick when playing. Turns out this is because I just can't get used to the face distance anymore. I only feel adjusted when I am really upclose, but otherwise can't do it. No problems at all when going back to PC, though.

    It really impairs my ability to try to play fighting games in particular, so that's why I'm kind of upset.

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    I've been playing on PC since I was in my early teens and am 34 now, so probably 2 decades. I don't feel my eyesight has been negatively affected. I have never worn glasses and still don't.

    I WOULD recommend, if you are concerned about your eyesight and if you are experiencing issues playing on a TV, to go to an eye doctor and get your peepers checked. Explain to them what you are experiencing.

    Hope it helps!
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