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    What would you like to be the next Blizzard game?

    If Blizzard were to announce a new game this BlizzCon, what would you personally like to see?

    I'd love it if they were to make a new Warcraft, although I'm not sure how that would work lore-wise considering that it'd be running alongside WoW.
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    Single-player RPG set in an non-cannon Warcraft world, a-la Legend of Zelda.

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    Warcraft 4/Warcraft Single Player RPG

    Even WoW 2.0 would be fine

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    Don't think a new Warcraft would pose any problems, since they don't seem to intend advancing the main story beyond what was setup in WC3/Classic ever. IE: Dealing with Kiljaeden for real this time, Sargeras and the Burning Legion, C'thun and the other elder gods for real, Titan homeworld, etc. Just keep sidetracking in ways that let them rehash old lore/content ad naseum.

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    WarCraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans and/or StarCraft Ghost.

    Or for a dream game, re-releases of Vanilla WoW followed by each of the expansions as stand alone games that are completely redone as single player RPGs like Elder Scrolls, keeping all of the items, lore, characters and dungeons, but changing the game play to be purely single player/couple person co-op games. Wouldn't even have to be just one character, make it so you can assign commands and plans to a party of characters and make it a tactical real-time RPG that could at least attempt to take the appearance of a raid of characters taking down a powerful boss. Also have the characters be completely customizable and/or have default characters to form a party of based on the various random named NPCs that are suppose to be fellow "heroes" in WoW.
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    A starcraft mmo, or something sci-fi would be interesting.
    Perhaps a game that designs similar as wow arena but is a standalone game, and standalone chars... even though they can keep some inspiration from different classes.
    Or why not a minecrafty kind of game, I don't play minecraft myself but would be interesting to see what Blizzard could come up with in that field.
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    Developing an MMO either in the starcraft or Overwatch IPs, wrapping up the majority of WoW's story and continuing into Warcraft 4.
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    either that SC Ghost thing with Nova with really really good intensive graphics (so not the usual Blizz graphics)

    or WC4
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    No frigging idea... Maybe a Warcraft stealth game, I dunno, something where you go around do stealthy shit all over the world to take out some baddie... *big ol' shrug*

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    Warcraft 4, and hoping it'll be something of a prequel, preffered somewhere during the War of the Ancients, but without Rhonin. No timey-wimey stuff.
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    Diablo 2: HD Enhanced Edition.

    I don't like or care too much about other Blizzard game franchises.

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    I would love a Starcraft RPG! (Single player, not and MMO).

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    Warcraft 4, or Warcraft 1/2/3 official remake on Starcraft 2 engine (the assets are already there, they just need to put them together into new games).
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    Warcraft 4 if I had to choose between the existing IP's, but I think I'd be more interested in new IP's.
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    Maybe a post-apocalyptic sandbox MMO.
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    Diablo 3 new Xpac

    Maybe World of Starcraft, or a single player Starcraft RPG.
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    A new Warcraft RTS game. HD remakes of some classic titles (Diablo 1 and 2, WC1/WC2, etc) would also be cool.
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    Preferably one thats not a rip off of another. (wow/HS/overwatch)

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    I'd like to see an open world roamer in the warcraft universe with lots of lore and side storys

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