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    I've been googling but can't find the answer. What does CE in game wings look like? It's the main reason why I want to order CE but there's no info on it, just "it's gonna look amazing" :/
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    They look like tyrael's wings the wispy white angel wings you can see it on the back of the CE box in pictures

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    This is how they look on the sheet Blizzard gave us, so I assume they'll look like that.

    Tip for if you start Googling again: don't try too hard, I found this pic by just entering "Diablo 3 collectors".

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    Wow they look great, i like =)

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    Wondering if they are going to have a cool down, or if they come out and stay out until canceled. Hopefully they can be just simply toggled on and off and stay on without falling off with a buff timer !

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    I'am sure they will look like these wings, just in blue colour @ 2:35

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