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    Always. Crying like a damn baby.

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    Got me so bad

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    Return of the King: after Aragorn is crowned and says 'You bow to no one'

    Schindler's List ending when Schindler is saying about how many more people he could have saved.

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    When Boromir dies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duruka View Post
    Ugh, too many things make me cry or tear up.

    -The endings of the 3rd and 4th Professor Layton games.
    -The ending of Skyward Sword. I disliked Fi until that part.
    -First part of Up
    -Toy Story 3
    -the ending of Sherlock. I knew it was coming, but the very last scene was just too sad.
    The ending of Sherlock is a killer. Hard to find a better piece of TV produced in the last 10 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tranmet View Post
    -Mike dies-
    Oh my God, nooooooooooo. I can't believe they killed him, I didn't cry because Susan is the fakest character ever and Mike should have been with Bree, so he's probably in a better place. But still '.'

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    Michael Scott leaving the office.

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