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    Mine. American.

  2. #1002
    Would be nice to win one, playing on european servers. ^^

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    May 2010
    Under your couch, munchin on the tater chip left overs
    Me Need Pet! Give Pet NAO! Pretty please with sugar on it? Us Server.

  4. #1004
    That pet is so cute love dragons!!! US Server

  5. #1005
    woot from america!

  6. #1006
    nice thanks! EU server

  7. #1007
    Would like one on EU servers

  8. #1008
    pet me! US Servers

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    Keyboard Turner
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    Apr 2012
    AWWW YEAH new pet!! US server

  10. #1010
    US Server, love the site, long time lurker, first time roller.

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    Sign me up too! - US

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    Wipe me down and sign me up, US

  13. #1013
    Yay! Finally we can get our hands on this little bugger. Now to wait and see how I'll get it. (EU) =P

  14. #1014
    Gief one! EU server.

  15. #1015
    EU server here! Would be nice with a new golden pet

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    Nov 2010
    More Pets!

  17. #1017
    <= ghostlands EU

  18. #1018
    American servers.

    Could do with a solid gold pet, all i need now is a swivel chair and an evil laugh

  19. #1019
    Dragon dragon dra-dra-dragon dragon pet zeeeeeeeeee

    US realms

  20. #1020
    Pretty pet you've got there, could definitely use that on my EU server!
    Originally Posted by Tidycat
    Has anybody ever thought that the people that are leaving isnt because the game is bad? 300,000 people. Can we assume that some of those people have since died (im not too sure how they canceled if they died, but whatever),

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