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    Cartel market - what should I buy

    Can anyone give me some recommendations regarding the cartel market items? Any must haves?

    Details, I ...

    - just resubscribed swtor
    - have not played in ages (2 years?)
    - have no max level char (I think I made it to 35 at some point)
    - am currently rerolling a jedi knight, lvl15
    - am having fun

    Thanks in advance,
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    I always a bunch of packs
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    You'll get the most for your coins by purchasing a gear set, weapon and a couple color crystals. This way you won't have to spend your Basic comms on armor and weapons as you level, just buy the item modifications.

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    I would definitely consider getting a color crystal if not 2 depending on what you want to do as you level. Endurance for tanking should you plan on doing any of that but more likely a hawkeye one for the plus to power. Get it , add it to collections and you can spawn one for main hand and off hand as much as you like. +82 power while leveling is nice and you can spawn one for companions as well.

    I would also consider rocket boost. you get movement speed outside of combat like a speeder for 15 secs every 30. It can be used indoors where a normal mount cannot. It's just handy when you need to get through places.

    The other thing I would consider is treek - the ewok. That companion is nothing but nice except for how much he talks. Probably the best healer or tanking companion in the game and if you're rolling a Jedi Knight, you don't get your healer till around hoth IIRC. It's nice to have a good healer if you add some gear to him as you level. Makes things go so much faster and easier. Not a must as thousands have done it without him but it is nice.
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    Buy the rocket boost real handy! If you already have it go for packs, I've made 100 M + out of those packs

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