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    Question Mario vs. Sonic, Who is TRULY the better character?

    Ever since Sega and Nintendo made their way to the top, people have wondered who is the best, and, as everyone knows, Mario and Sonic were the two main icons of the Companies. Sega fell, now Nintendo and Sega kind of joined forces. Now, I look back and ask, Who was truly the better character? Did Sega deserve to fall and join Nintendo, or could they've done better? Lets take a look back, and find out who was the better Video Game Character!

    1. GAMES
    A good way to start off is how many GOOD games they starred in, and how many BAD ones. Everyone has opinions, but for this one, i have to say Sonic made more good games then bad. Mario was in a lot of shit, like Marios Time Machine and the CDI games. Sonic has only been in a few bad ones, and those weren't even that bad. The only bad sonic game that i can think of is Sonic R, but thats other people's opinion, not my own. So, point goes to Sonic.

    This category has to do with what type of abilities they have. Sonic can run really fast and turn into Super Sonic, when he has all the seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic's superfast dashing might be his trademark ability, but it can sometimes get in the way, especially in the 2-D sonic, when anything can be in the way to take your Rings away. Makes you stop for a minute to assess the situation, but, as people say, they want to go FAST in a sonic game! No time for hazards and baddies! just RUN RUN RUN! In Mario, he has multiple abilities, such as eating a Mushroom to grow bigger, a Fire Flower to hurl Fire, and a Magic Star that will make him temporarily invincible. There are many more, but i'm just focusing on the ones he started out with. So, in the case of having more abilities, point goes to Mario.
    In this category, we will be focusing on the characters personality. Mario has a very Upbeat attitude, is very silly sometimes, and can be a very memorable icon. His Catch-Phrase, "Itsa me, Mario!" sums up his personality in one sentence. He can also be serious when he needs to. Sonic has a personality that says he's just trying to save the world, not much else. He is serious throughout most of his games, and very rarely do we see his more fun side. In Sonic Heroes, he had a much more cheerful attitude about everything, but maybe that was because it was one of the first games he could, so maybe I shouldn't be so rough on him. For this one, I'll have to give it to Mario for his more light-sided attitude.
    This category focuses on the side characters, and on how many and how good they were. Mario had Yoshi, a Green Dinosaur who could eat his enemies sh!t out eggs and then proceed to throw them for defense. Disgusting and awesome at the same time. Then there is Luigi, the wimpy, older brother of Mario. Yes, OLDER. In this relationship, the Younger brother is braver then the Older one. Luigi was only featured in 2 games, Mario is Missing and Luigi's Mansion. In short, Luigi's mansion is the better one, and Mario is Missing is horrible, so lets just make that 1 GOOD game. There are also two composite Mario brothers called Wario and Waluigi, Wario actually had two games that featured him, WarioLand and WarioWare. WarioLand was just Mario but... with Wario. WarioWare is the better known one, where you play a string of Mini-Games with different characters, like Orbulon and 6-volt. Waluigi is kind of like Warios sidekick, and doesn't do much other then act like a jerk and feature in Mario Sports-related Games, like Mario Kart and Mario Tennis. Sonic has a bunch of characters, but i'll focus on the main ones. First off we have Tails, the two-tailed fox that can fly because, hell, he has two tails. He is a very friendly character and has been with sonic since Sonic 2, where he was first featured. Then there is Knuckles, a Tough, Hardspirited Echenda, that tries to act as cool as possible, and in my opinion, it works. Shadow is another character who is basically the exact opposite of Sonic, to describe him, he is just a Emo Hedgehog. One of his games features Shadow with a gun, him killing sonic, and destroying the world. Its a very suggestive game, and is not a very popular game amongst Sonic fans. This point goes to Sonic for the fact that these characters are fleshed out and have more backstory, some with their own games, and some through certain sonic games.
    And, finally, we have the Villians! In Mario, the Main Villian is Bowser, a giant Turtle with a Spiked Shell. Bowser is an overused boss, who can't seem to give the torch to someone else. He is always the final boss, and, as mario games go, it is either very simple to defeat him or you did it a 10 times before. No real challenge is involved. He also has a child, named Bowser Jr. (Very creative, i know. ). Bowser Jr. is just a bratty kid, who is trying to follow in his Fathers Footsteps, he is a very interesting character, unfortunantly, he isn't in very many Mario games, and pushed aside to yoshi games. Sonic's main Villian is Robotnik, or, as you may know him, Eggman, a Mechanic who creates robots to defeat sonic. These all ultimately fail, but they are all very unique, and very fun to fight. One Robot, named Mecha Sonic, is one of his best works in my opinion, and is an exact replica of Sonic. In Sonic Heroes, he betrays eggman and tries to take the world for himself, but Sonic defeats him (WHAT A TWIST! *sarcasm*) Point goes to sonic, for original fights in every game and stage within the game, instead of re-using the same boss over and over and over and over and OVER AND OVER AND... *clears throat* sorry.
    MARIO: 2
    SONIC: 3
    Sonic beats mario just by one point. This is not proving that your opinion is wrong, this is just my opinions, and also a majoraty of the internets opinion the these games. Just remember, this is all opinion. No cold, hard facts. Feel a different way? I would love to hear your argument on this challenge.
    But whether you love Sonic or Mario, i don't care just as long as you enjoy playing their games. Happy Gaming!

    Note that this is MY opinion, and most likely some other people. Personally, i love Mario and Sonic, they are both great characters. Its just some traits about sonic and Mario aren't as good as we think.
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    Mario for me. I like Sonic (played the first one back in the day) but I always preferred the gameplay in Mario games; Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy -- these are outstanding games, SM64 was revolutionary (how many games copied SM64 after it's release? It basically single-handedly reinvented the platformer). Sonic never quite achieved that with his games, which is a shame I think.

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    Mario without a doubt. Sonic is annoying as hell and his games suck.

    Mario has appeared in over 200 games alone, and in comparing things you're looking at the worst ones that no one has ever heard of, when in turn, Sonic has been in fairly few with not much support for a good chunk of them.

    Luigi is the younger brother and is in a shitload of games, not just two. Waluigi and Wario are meant to be evil as well, so it's no surprise they are jerks.

    Bowser isn't always the last boss and in total has 9 kids. And the games do have a pretty wide range of bosses. Especially in the 3d series.

    You should look to a different site for your information, as much of what you gathered is wrong.
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    Easily Mario. Not even a contest.

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    The only real way to decide this is for someone to put up 100 matchs on SSBB with max level cpu for both and then post the results.

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    Mario has better games but does he have a personalty? Mario<Luigi
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    Honestly, I personally like Sonic better as a character, but his games just got such crappy quality many of them .. Sort of sad I guess .. But yeah, your poll is clearly biased when you say Sonic games are better than Mario games. Sorry, but thats no way true. Just no.

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    Mario, not even close (solely based on the games, anything else is irrelevant as they both lack any depth as "characters").

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    I like Sonic better, idk why, I just never got into Mario as much as Sonic as a kid. I enjoyed Sonic's speed and dashing through the levels trying to obtain Super Sonic. =]
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    Mario > sonic

    Mario games have diverse gameplays and many interesting characters.

    I root for Wario tho
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    The Mario games win for me, no contest.

    Every main series Mario game is fun, and so are a lot of the spin offs. The spin offs come in all different genres, so there's lots of variety too.
    I haven't really liked a Sonic game since Sonic and Knuckles, and even the originals just weren't as fun as Mario.

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    Sonic x1000000.

    He was way cooler, and had better sidekicks. C'mon, Tails and Knuckles were so awesome I don't need to go on further, but I will.

    As for games themselves, Mario was boring. No special stages, and the only 'alt' mode was a re-creation of the original Donkey Kong. No multiplayer mode. Remember Sonic 2 had those 'speed trial races' where you could race Tails thru a course?!

    They also had variety in characters. Mario is just Plumber 1 and Plumber 2. Peach is useless. Blah blah. In Sonic every character had special abilities, Knuckles could glide and climb walls, Tails could fly in Sonic 3.

    The Sonic Cartoon was so much better than Mario's. The characters had some depth and story and wasn't just some desperate schmuck plumber who was trying to get tail till a Turtle stole his broad.

    The newer Sonic games are Meh. I tried Shadow the Hedgehog, but it wasn't that good. But overall, as a series, Sonic is so far and away better, which was the same with the Genesis vs. SNES debate. Long live Genesis!

    On a semi related note, once, at work, a year or so ago, me and a coworker were joking about connecting all Sega consoles and turning them into one 'super console' out of boredom. We wanted to know what to call it. What I came up with was so simple, yet so hilarious, it's still a running inside joke.

    We were going to use the DReamcast, MASter system, SAturn, and GEnesis.

    Yes, we would make, the ultimate Sega Console: The Dr. Massage!

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    As for games themselves, Mario was boring. No special stages, and the only 'alt' mode was a re-creation of the original Donkey Kong. No multiplayer mode. Remember Sonic 2 had those 'speed trial races' where you could race Tails thru a course?!
    But Mario has always had special stages of some sort (or hidden areas), and multiplayer. The on screen co-op didn't come in until recently, but there was still co-op in turns.

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    It's probably Mario but i'm always gonna prefer Sonic cause I grew up with Sonic games. Mario games always seemed so boring by comparison to me

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    Sonic reminds me of furries, and Mario's games are still good, so Mario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolguy21 View Post
    1. GAMES
    A good way to start off is how many GOOD games they starred in, and how many BAD ones. Everyone has opinions, but for this one, i have to say Sonic made more good games then bad. Mario was in a lot of shit, like Marios Time Machine and the CDI games. Sonic has only been in a few bad ones, and those weren't even that bad. The only bad sonic game that i can think of is Sonic R, but thats other people's opinion, not my own. So, point goes to Sonic.

    You're joking, right? Were Sonic 2006, Shadow the Hedgehog and the rest of the 3D current-gen tragedies so bad you blocked it out of your memory or something? I've tried to, that's for sure. I'd be nicer, but I literally can't come up with anything. At least there were Sonic Colors, Sonic 4 and that Bioware DS RPG, but he's inconsistent at best.

    Anyway, if we were just going by main series games and back in the day of 16bit, I'd say they were pretty close. Now? Mario's miles ahead.

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    Mario. Sonic has been shady as of late. I was never terribly in to sonic to begin with... I disliked the manic pace of the game.

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    I dislike pretty much everything about the sonic series. So Mario

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    Never liked Sonic all that much. It just never appealed to me, the old or the new Sonic games.

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