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    what should be my next VP purchase?


    i'm torn between new boots or a new ring. the trinket would get a 2 minute effective CD because it's going to be activated with my CD's, so i don't know if it's worth it. my math suggests it isn't, even if i were to use it on the actual CD.

    whichever i'll take, i'll need to get the other one next week.

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    I would say ring. You want the boots from Zonooz (sp) in Dragon Soul.

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    even if i'm likely to only get the LFR boots in the near future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    even if i'm likely to only get the LFR boots in the near future?
    Ring is pre heroic BiS for a while and Boots you could wind up replacing quickly and then waste the VP.
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    Can you imagine if someone insulted you in a thread, you reported it, and I told you "sorry, wrong thread to be butthurt"?

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    ah, and after the ring? boots, trinket or something else? or should i start gathering for OS gear then, because the upgrades aren't nearly as big?

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