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    That is hands down the best DK set thus far in WoW. ijelly

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    Crap I hope they give permanent access to this armor set when the expack releases cause it would suck for those who dont plan on playing all the time to not be able to get this set.

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    Now that PvP set reminds me of a character called Melfice in the game Grandia 2 - The horns of valmar :P
    Looks very nice!

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    I saw right away thats a Crypt Lord! The blue set is amazing! I do really hope they will use it in the game!
    I do agree i can see a little Evangelion and Nightmare in it ...

    And ofcourse I just started playing wow again just for a week ago, and decided to try out Death Knight.
    And just a week later ...
    "Feelt like they want me to return, telling me to play MoP!"

    But I do wonder, is this PvP set for MoP? Or the coming Arena season wich will be in this Juuuuuune i think?

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    That is one AWESOME death knight set.

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    And there I was, thinking that we(death knights)would never see a decent looking set again, skulls, skulls and skulls again then lame/simple & uninspired models... but this... this is one of the best sets I've seen in a while.

    Congrats to the artist, really, hats off.

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    lol awsome looking tier, now im covering in my boots for paladin armour xD

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    America, you great unfinished symphony.
    I know that tier armor is a matter of preference... but damn its been a while since I thought one was truly cool... that set is bit chin

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    I think the funniest part of this amazing DK set is that hunters had the same theme of a set in T10, and yet there, because of the colors and basic shapes of the set, it came off looking ridiculous, yet here, it comes off looking ridiculously badass.

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    Loving the dk pvp set, although not sure what that fur on the back is, possibly a dead cat stapled to the helm idk

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    The dk set is so so SO sick, cant wait to grind for it

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    Gasp! gear that looks new and not mass produced!

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    Fuck yeah Crypt Lords, tankest motherfuckers around.

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    the helmet of this set is a 1:1 copy of eva-00 from neon genesis evengelion

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    DK PVP set-Blizzard guys watched Neon Genesis Evangelion?;DDDDDD

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    I wouldn't know anything about Evangelion, to me it looks like a combination of a cryptlord:

    and an Oni

    All in all I believe the concept is full of win.Best DK set so far.

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    Oh wow I love that set. The hair mane at the back looks cool

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    omfg why does this have to be a PvP set?? i dont PVP. i ahvent liked anything in WoW for a very long time but this set is ridiculously good. best thing ive seen in plate since warrior T8 and T10!

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    1) Vendor an item with a very, very high vendor value.
    2) Fill out replacement form
    3) Profit once a month?

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