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    Anyone else seriously bummed about holy atonement?

    Sorry guys, I know that the fact that atonement is no longer a glyph has popped up in a couple different threads already, but is anyone else seriously bummed about this? I was having a lot of fun playing holy atonement on PTR and I think the instacast holy fires were awesome, I just don't understand why they would get rid of this. It was seriously the one thing I was looking forward to most about MOP. I like the idea of a damage dealing healer but I just get so bored playing disc in PVE. Anyone else with me on this, or am I just crazy or something?

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    I'm of the opinion, that it's extremely difficult to balance for raiding. They almost got it right in cata for disc, but the scaling was a bit off.

    Holy with AA and PI available is pretty scary burst, especially since they rolled in heavenly voice with DH. I believe they absolutely have to make AA an expensive pickup (FD,CL looks pretty appealing right now). Unless they nerf DH. If they nerfed DH they could give us atonement.

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    I'm very bummed - holy atonement is at the top of my wishlist. Disc is boring, especially now that they added back rapture. I would much rather play holy than disc, but I will only play a priest that has atonement.

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    No, not at all. Am I the only Priest who hates the entire Evangelism/Atonement mechanic? Damage for healing is ghimmicy IMO, would rather not have it forced down my throat. If it means nerfing DH to have it, then I am especially against it. Healing has partially became a CD Arms race war, and if the only way to be competitive would be to CD stack (PI + AA + DH + Trinkets, etc) then, screw Atonement even more.

    I don't like what it has done to the Priest class, many Priests now expect Smite healing to be 100% smart, effective and viable to carry them through content, and it is rather annoying. Is it good when played correctly? Of course, its sometimes even fun, but I feel like it has partially ruined Disc for me, and makes me have a bad taste in my mouth in general.
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    I am, i wanted to have 2 specs, one holy one disc each with atonement.

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    Was looking forward to trying it, holy was looking more fun than disc so far in MoP imo. Not sure what to go with anymore tbh.

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    For me it would have just been a way to speed through dungeons faster. Nothing game changing.

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    I agree that it is nothing game changing composition or mechanic wise, but it was like a breath of fresh air for priest playing, especially for those of us that are severely bored of playing disc. I have played Holy throughout all of DS and I like the feel of it right now output wise and regen wise, but I think that little extra something would really spice up the play style mechanics. I think Blizz thought that chakras would be Holy's "fun factor", but really there aren't many instances to chakra dance so holy by an large is still feeling a little face roll to me.

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    Wait, so did they remove atonement from Holy all together? Do we just have Evangelism now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    Wait, so did they remove atonement from Holy all together? Do we just have Evangelism now?
    yup, disc only passive at lvl 60

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    So what are we using the new Chakra for?

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    nothing, its worthless, maybe pvp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    nothing, its worthless, maybe pvp?
    Solo'ing and PvP.
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    Same thing you use the old chakra for but better.

    Honestly, I'm on the Disc side of things. Atonement was a nice unique thing that Disc had going, and the only way I'd be okay with Holy getting Atonement is if Disc got something unique in return.

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