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    Vanilla: Desolace and Sithilus, even post AQ patch
    TBC: None, I loved every zone in Outland
    Wrath: None, I loved every zone in Northrend
    Cata: Uldum and Twilight Highlands. Ugh.

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    Uldum, it's a piece of gimmicky shit. Shit zone. All bad, it stinks.

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    Old Desolace, Blade Edge, Hellfire Peninsula, Vashjir, Deepholm and Uldum. Cata has most of bad looking zones imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmekiel View Post
    Has to be Silithus, almost nothing to do there.
    Nowdays true, back at Vanilla = paperfarming like crazy!

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    i just find it very sad.
    Zones like Outland and Northrend have so much lore around it, but sadly those are the two worst questing continents i've ever seen.

    Example: Let's try Terokkar Forest, have done Nagrand 2x allready, hope this zone is good aswell

    Result: oh look, the forests are all gray and only inhabitans are moths, wolfs and spiders, oh look there's some Bird ppl, what a draenei graveyard. well, maybe the quests aren't so bad

    Result: first quest: go get 4 of stuff that moth drops, have to kill 20 of em to get all

    Result: bitch please

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    Hellfire Peninsula, Any 50-60 zone INCLUDING dungeons, Blackrock anything, Nagrand and any Hemet Nesingwary quest zone.

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    Another vote for Hellfire Peninsula, the thought of having to run my levelling Warlock through there makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I'm also not a fan of Borean Tundra (so awful when Howling Fjord was so awesome), Deepholm (once was enough) or Teldrassil (worst starting area ever).

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    Going to have to agree with desolace (pre-cata), so dull...

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    Howling Fjord. It insists upon itself.

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    Terokkar Forest. The only quest I liked there, was the bomb thingy.
    Then there's Felwood. That place is just so dull.

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    Icecrown. Having done the Argent Dailies quite often ever since I could do them, I just dread stepping back in there now! >.<
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    Vanilla: Ashenvale
    BC: Blades Edge Mountains
    Wotlk: Zul'drak
    Cata: Hyjal

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    Blades Edge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larwood View Post
    Pre-Cata: Arathi Highlands
    Post-Cata: Arathi Highlands

    Such a terrible zone. A bunch of grind quests with basically no story and lots of travelling around, most of it aggroing random mobs you don't want to aggro.
    You cannot imagine how much i agree with what you just wrote!!!

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    Dustwallow Marsh, very boring for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alsonia View Post
    They made it worth a damn? I'm leveling my WArlock there right now, and there is pretty much nothing to do still.
    Believe it or not, Silithus was even worse in its original form. There was no Cenarion Hold and far less quests than the handful of grindy ones there are now. It was basically empty and creepy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakrin View Post
    Personally, I didn't really care for Nagrand.
    I like Nagrand

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    All of Northrend.

    Pre-cata Darkshore is pretty close. Its easy to see why every other night elf went to the Eastern Kingdoms to level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tic Tacs View Post
    Dustwallow Marsh, very boring for me.
    Used to be the best pre-cata

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    Deepholm.. it was fine the first time... not the other 12 times

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