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    every bump is a potential applicant!!!

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    I have chocolate and caffeine.
    I am a happy pally

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    French Ships make the world go 'round.

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    I had a lot of fun getting Cheese Mints with my guild the other night

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    mmmmmmmmmmmm beta fun

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    yay fem pandas!

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    wow so many other bumps on so many other threads, swallows my thread whole :[

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    updated our needs, really looking forward to any potential applicants to help us finish up this tier.
    (then to farm mounts, H Rag mounts too)

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    nerd raging at SC2 atm.

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    Think This game is too easy? - Why don't you show me your armory link to your character? - Show me that 8/8 heroic progress. Show me your 2200 rating. Stop saying WoW is easy, when you haven't done half the shit that's out there for you.

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    You're more than welcome to apply. We currently are running with a boomkin and resto druid but we'll definitely consider you if you're an exceptional player!

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    trying out tera, looks good so far!

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    definitely need rear speakers for my car.

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    cyriaa need chocolate

    cyriaa smash if no get chocolate

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    ok now I need caffeine :[

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    could still use a caster DPS with good burst

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    still need a caster dps with exceptional burst!

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    sucks to wake up with a headache

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    ulduar fun run
    and boy is it fun!

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