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    As Morris was finalizing his findings and making his way back, he noticed a group of flesh giant all carrying decayed wooden crates, moving in a strangely ordinary line, one of the oafs managed to drop the crate he was carrying and the sound of shattering glass was heard, the ghouls around the flesh giants swarmed towards the poor fool who dropped the crate, they overcame him dropping him to the floor and gnawed on his dead flesh.

    Morris returned to the pinnacle to inform the others of his findings but found no one there, he approched one of the crusaders who stood guard and ask him "Where are they?"

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    The crusader was startled by the question, but didn't hesitate. "Crusader Halford lead your mercenary friends to the north. I don't know why, but they were heading towards the sinkholes. If you head off in that direction, you'll probably run in to them."

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    ((is this still on?))

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    ((Idk. Everyone stopped replying. D)

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    ((there was a few of us waiting for the other people to catch up with where we were waiting for them . . . ))

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    ((Yeah.. Doesn't appear anyone really seems to be paying attention to this RP anymore. It's like everyone just ditched out of it, haha.))

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    ((sad kip))

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    ((I'm gonna be away until like Aug 5th anyway, so I s'pose it's not a big deal atm..))

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    ((Anyone feel like helping me bring this RP back to life? Lol.))

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