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    Pff.. too much effort for so little gold amount.
    People are too freaking greedy in this game.
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    LFR Gold farming? is being a douchebag in my book and depriving others of their share. No wonder LFR has gotten a bad name, people like you contribute.

    If I want gold, I farm Troggs with a potion of treasure finding. Cloth galore to turn into bags and greens to DE and I EARNED IT!
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    Its better to tell everyone how its done, since thats the only time blizz will do something about it. They wont fix an exploit till someone tells the community about it. Like Example the loot glitch when LFR 1st come out. Will blizz do something about it when someone didnt spread the word on the net? I dont think so. Will those people be baned if blizz is not aware of it? nope, instead more will do it. They did release a better loot rules but that will come with MoP, which is a LONG WAIT. I cant wait that long. So im forcing them to make a quick fix to this.
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    The OP even says you can use friends to kick people so he has people helping him do this. Here's an idea. Take those friends in their LFR gear (or whatever) and speed run ZA/ZG. That's a crystal each (at least) for 15 mins work so there is your 400g in 30 minutes and you didn't screw anyone else over in the process.

    (yes I know there are faster ways to make gold)

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    Quit your whining about OP using it. He's said himself, he's using it and making people aware of it because Blizzard should have fixed this months ago. I had a guildie who was doing this not for the gold itself, but because it bloats your progress towards the gold looted achievement.

    I put a ticket in about someone doing it, and posted something on the forums. As far as I can see, Blizzard did a grand total of dick about it - except the GM telling me they'd look into it with the user.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryve View Post
    Quit your whining about OP using it. He's said himself, he's using it and making people aware of it because Blizzard should have fixed this months ago. I had a guildie who was doing this not for the gold itself, but because it bloats your progress towards the gold looted achievement.
    Ha, interesting. That achievement is a bitch to get - I'm the only one in my guild who actually has it and that is because I did TONS of old raids before they nerfed the gold drops from them in Cataclysm.

    The 450g Doomwalker and Kazzak kills helped a lot.
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    Wow, this must be one of the worst ways to make gold.
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    Really? That's it. From now on I'm gonna be the first to loot chests, just to give everyone their share of the gold.

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    I love people who do this, when we're down to like 3 or 4 it just takes one vote to kick them, and then I keep the gold, love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teorino View Post
    Community spirit hits new low.
    That "I just wanna force Blizz to fix it"-thingie sounds kinda weird, too. Why not just have 2000 people report a problem, rather than having 2000 people "exploit" something to make others report it? Don't quite get how acting like a total jerk helps preventing people from acting like a total jerk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzc View Post
    This just sorta seems mean. Also, if everyone does it, no one will leave. These methods are known by a few. Then, when you tell people. they ALL want to do it. It doesn't solve a gold problem as much as it creates arguments and rage over who's staying for the gold ...

    Also, priests pull you away from chest most of the time anyway
    I don't want to stand at a box for ten minutes or more for a little gold.

    It's funny because so many people complain about timesinks now but standing at a box for a few hundred gold is fine.

    Also, to OP, this is very old news and you posting this won't change anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomia View Post
    I may sound like helping people in there gold problems. but in reality im sharing this so EVERYONE will ABUSE it and BLIZZ WILL finaly do something about it.
    no-one seems to have seen this bit.... if he just wanted more gold he gains nothing by posting this and loses lots with more people becoming aware of this

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    What a horribly inefficient way to make gold. If you can't do better than that farming mobs or doing dailies at 85 then you have a lot to learn about this game, and farming/dailies are one of the slowest ways to make gold.

    But really, there's nothing to be gained by this thread, and posting it here on MMO-C isn't exactly going to bring it to the forefront of Blizzard's attention.

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