Thread: Smash or Pass?

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    Smash, I suppose. She's got an approachable, everyday type look. At least that pic looks so.

    Alina K.

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    Totally forgot about this forum game any who Smash

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    Pass though she is very beautiful, not sexually attracted to women

    Two here for the next poster depending on what you like... or both ;P

    Alexander Skarsgard Totally... all day every day!

    Mila Jovovich

    Take your pick and vote
    "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." - William Shakespeare

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    Mila Jovovich - SMASH

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    Quote Originally Posted by holz View Post

    How about Chris Metzen?

    smash or pass?
    If he buffed my class to the extreme i would totally take it in the rear from him

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