Lords of Xulima was finally released on GoG (and a month ago - on Steam) and it happened to be quite an overlooked game.

While being a CRPG, it stands on a somewhat different ground than modern days "rpgs" and it resembles CRPGs from "pre-Bioware era". As such, it has following perks:
1. Emphasis on gameplay (missing in most Bioware and modern games).
2. Not throwing story in your face by gigantic walls of texts.

This game is greatly recommended to fans of Might and Magic series, as it is much closer to MM style (if to ignore isometry in exploration mode) than MM X. So if you are tired of solo-hero "rpgs", where actual crpg gameplay is considered as something secondary and irrelevant, you are welcome to try this amazing gem of gaming.

Anyone here played/completed this game yet? Which party, which difficulty level? I myself restarted this game today, after giving it a try on "normal" mode. Played it a bit, loved it, but "normal" mode is actually official "easy" mode for this game, so I am restarting on "Old School Veteran", party setup: Gaulen - Paladin - Thief; Mage - Bard - Cleric.