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    I love all the people raging over something that's this optional. If you hate the dances so damn much, don't do them, you can get through the entire game and not dance once. And if THIS was the deciding factor in you quitting, well, get going, there are over 10 million other players so you won't be missed.

    I for one like these dances. I kinda figured the female dance was going to be this, as it was a matter of time, and the male, he looks like he's just having an absolute blast.

    And let's be honest, the blood elf males dance like Napoleon Dynamite, the Undead headbang, the male humans disco dance, the female humans do thew macarena, the male worgen dance like Justin Timberlake, the male dwarves do a russian hat dance, , the female dwarves riverdance, the male trolls do capoeira....... did you really expect them to NOT reference something cultural or an internet meme?

    Besides, Blizzard evidently likes these, used them, THE END, and no whining from people who would complain no matter what will change that. Fairly certain if they used a traditional chinese dance you'd accuse them of stereotyping.

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    [QUOTE=Mojo Risin;16750172]One day, Techno Viking, one day...

    blizzard is obviously saving this for when vrykul is a playable class, or at least needs a dancing animation lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post
    One day, Techno Viking, one day...

    blizzard is obviously saving this for when vrykul is a playable class, or at least needs a dancing animation lol
    That would be awesome. I definitely liked their hair options.

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    Omg that is so awesome, Caramelldansen and Party Rock that just made my day. Though it does show how awesome the panda models are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duniah View Post
    Here it is :

    I killed myself laughing at "Sigh. Dear God, what have we done?" lololololol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karadros View Post
    I wonder if Blizzard knows the tentacles they use for raid bosses, are tentacles used for hentai games lol.

    Mental note, do not /dance my female pandaren near Yogg-Saron or C'Thun... Gotcha.

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    gay lord 100% gay

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    Pandaren Male Dance is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Migas11 View Post
    Opinions are exactly that, subjective.

    For me, it is a big thing that the new race has an hideous aspect (again, in my opinion). And i belive there might be men who dont frown upon upper lip pilosity on women.
    you can always shave/wax/laser a moustach off though , not that i mind the dances very fitting i think

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    I was a little (O_O) "Wtf" when I first saw the new Pandaren dances, but then I opened a new tab, and played the music associated with the dances...and they are still silly, but I think I can live with them. After all, all of the racial dances are a little silly. :-P

    So if you want to see the dances with the music (and you can open multiple tabs on your browser) go to:
    Then come back here and click on the Female Pandaren dance video. (Song is longer than the dance here...) But it is kind of fun to watch it with the music.

    For the male dance, click on the dance video first, because the clip of music on YouTube is only about 30 seconds, then go to the link below for the music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisavan View Post
    only one thing is missing now.Japanese school girl uniform for my female belf :-)
    i think my already has one
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    couldnt have hoped for better

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