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    Glyph of Fel Regeneration

    So from the blue tracker I learned of the existence of Glyph of Fel Regeneration

    This would give Affliction and Demo the same mana regen as Destro, in exchange for not being able to lifetap. Now we have to give up a glyph slot, so that's allready a consideration, but what else? It sounds like a devillish deal, no more health loss and gcd's from lifetapping at the disadvantage of limited mana and the very real chance that we'll be without mana at some point and have to wait for regen. Is it worth it, you think, to you personally in terms of playstyle or mathematically?

    I can at least see this glyph having a spot in my list during leveling and being out and about doing dailies. Basically anywhere when I'm not constantly using mana for minutes on end. With this glyph and the passive health regen we allready have we'd NEVER have down time.

    I checked the beta but it's not on my list of learnable glyphs yet, but I hope to be testing it when we do.

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    Well, I suppose the big question is whether or not it also increases mana costs by 300% and reduces GCD by .5 seconds like Chaotic Energy does.

    I would imagine Fel Regen would potentially be very valuable for Demo, since they'd regenerate most/all of their mana during Meta. Aff is a bit more of a gray area, though the lowish mana cost per tick on drains could be potentially canceled out by the regen.

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    Question is -- are they going to have a glyph that reverts the Destro mana regen mechanic ??
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    The Destruction mana system is to make the spec Resource rather than Global capped, it's a completely different system, and I can see why they'd see it's so difficult to balance; as Demo right now you get a lot of mana back while in Meta anyway, this would effectively mean you'd never be resource starved to ensure the 'Resource capping' was a limitation on your DPS. At high haste levels, this would be insane.

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    Yeah thinking it over, with our allready bigger love for haste in Affliction this could work really well. It would turn Dark Soul in to a weird Damage/regen cooldown for instance. And seeing the scale factors in the latest Simcraft, I wonder how much further it would push Haste importance. All in all another interesting glyph for us.

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    Glyph of Fel Regeneration seems to have merely been a scrapped experiment or maybe even never intended to be used.

    Notice it says this in it's tooltip:

    "Prototype glyph. Do not test or localize."
    There is also no accompanying spell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    Glyph of Fel Regeneration seems to have merely been a scrapped experiment or maybe even never intended to be used.

    Notice it says this in it's tooltip:

    There is also no accompanying spell.
    Ah, doesn't say that on Wowdb, but does indeed do so on Wowhead. Well, that means we might see it or we might not. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    Regardless of the glyph, I think destro should keep it.

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    I think they wont implement this anymore.

    Destro has this mechanic, and with the glyph of lifetap it removes some of the concerns with lifespending on delicate encounters.

    I would like t? HELL****ING yeh, I hate to lifetap

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