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  • Arcane Enchanted

    84 43.30%
  • Desecrator

    2 1.03%
  • Electrified

    18 9.28%
  • Fire-Chains

    25 12.89%
  • Frozen Pulse

    19 9.79%
  • Molten (Ground Cover)

    2 1.03%
  • Molten (Bomb)

    9 4.64%
  • Mortar

    6 3.09%
  • Orbiter

    0 0%
  • Plagued

    0 0%
  • Poison (Ground and Slimes)

    1 0.52%
  • Reflect Damage

    19 9.79%
  • Thunderstorm

    9 4.64%
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    What's Killed You the Most?

    Just a fun question of what monster ability has given you the most grief. For me personally, it's fire-chains. God I hate those, especially in combination with fast and or vortex.

    I didn't include things like frozen or waller on this list because those things don't kill you by themselves. They are more facilitators to your death. Like being frozen as an arcane beam hits you.

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    Teleporter+fire chains mostly, way back when. These days I don't die much anymore. I'm sure my DH alone died more to that crap in act 3 than all my other characters combined have in all the time since then.
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    I'm surprised nobody has voted for Molten (bombs). Behind fire-chains, being trapped or pulled into the molten explosions after a mob dies has killed me plenty.

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    I don't know, but how hard something is to dodge obviously depends on the combo. Lasers are easy, if you don't have walls or fears or teleporter or freeze, for example. Any of that stuff can be lethal when you can't avoid it, but most of it is fairly easy to dodge if you've got clear ground and control of your character.

    Probably damage reflection, though, because I am dumb and don't usually notice I'm killing myself until too late.

    I'll still bet my #1 death bringer is still those fucking quill-throwing mobs, and not an elite/boss mechanic at all.
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    need an option for "not paying attention"
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    Frozen pulse, usually because I don't see it until too late

    And Arcane Enchanted because usually its coupled with walls or vortex or jailer and I can't escape it.

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    Fire chains on my barb, but basically because i have thearcane immune amulet on my DH and turret build means you can just put them down and just avoid things while they do the work in most dangerous cases.

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    Frozen pulse, followed by arcane enchanted (when I get walled in, frozen, etc). I always never see frozen pulse until it's too late.

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    My deaths have all been from the rifts that have nothing but boss packs. Get a little bit in and can't get away because you are fighting 3-4 packs at once.

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    Not one thing in particular, it's mostly a combination of Jailer/Waller and shit on the ground I can't get out of.

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    Monster affixes isn't really killing me, but the specific mob types are.

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    Toss up between thunderstorm, frozen pulse and fire chains. Fire chains is the biggest one on my monk, hate it so bad. Thunderstorm and frozen pulse kill my WD pretty instantly on T4 as he's a new 70. Also, they're impossible to see.

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    Frozen pulse, easily. That or just walls. Waller is such a crummy mechanic- whenever I die due to entrapment there is almost no way for me to have control of my character to do anything about the death blow.

    Frozen Pulse falls in the same general category of removing player agency in many cases.

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    Enraged fckn Phantasm and other ghosts when they were ridiculously overpowered.

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    I voted frozen but in all honesty, it is waller. The mechanic is beyond annoying when the only way to escape it is via teleport ability or ghosting through it. There is also the legendary potion but that had yet to drop for me.

    No way to avoid it and CC reduction doesn't do shit. I'd take imprisonment over waller and that's saying something.

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    I am Murloc!
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    I find it odd that 45% vote arcane as the one killing them the most. The arcane lasers are like the easiest thing there is to avoid, especially since they added the indicator that shows where it's going to start at. I used to use the arcane immunity necklace, but then switched to the shadows, and realized arcane is a completely irrelevant affix. Well, might be that people are playing at T6 and on glass cannon characters, and not looking at where they're standing, because the stem of the laser will of course drop you if you keep standing on it. That might explain the 45%.
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    I think Reflect Damage stacked up enough kills on me pre-RoS that it's still far enough in #1. I've lost maybe 10 hardcore characters to Reflect Damage, and I've died maybe 100 times to an offscreen reflect mob on my DH. RIP. ;_;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fnx- View Post
    Monster affixes isn't really killing me, but the specific mob types are.
    Eh, must agree with this. Damn crab-like mobs from act 5.

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    My Crusader is immune to all the affixes that used to killed her.

    I have Countess Julia's Cameo to ignore Arcane Enchanted, I always died to this in combination with Horde and small corridors/rooms.

    I also have Ice Climbers to ignore Frozen, it used to kill me when I did not saw them because there were big mobs standing over it. I wasn't killed directly by it, but it can hurt and the Freeze is making it easy for other affixes to finish you off.

    Anyway, I voted Fire Chains. It isn't killing me, but probably the most damaging affix now. I have relatively high Lightning Resistance so I can survive Electrified (Which is hellish if you have no Lightning Resistance) or Thunderstorm.
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