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  • Barbarian

    38 18.91%
  • Crusader

    25 12.44%
  • Demon Hunter

    19 9.45%
  • Monk

    52 25.87%
  • Witch Doctor

    47 23.38%
  • Wizard

    20 9.95%
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    What will you play for Season 4 and Why?

    Title says it all. I'm still on the fence, but I'm thinking maybe Barb or Monk. I haven't played Monk since very early D3, and I've never played Barb.
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    Crusader probably, I've mained one since RoS release and probably should continue playing as one (non-Seasonal). I'd also like to roll another as Seasonal to have a fresh start and try a different build than Akkhan Shotgun Control from the beginning. Hoping to find a somewhat bit more forgiving or powerful build which progress just won't hit a wall at early GR levels (~30). Roland Sweep Attack or Hammerdin probably.

    Fire Dash Monk was another option, I liked it's play-style of just warping around and doing damage all the time but it's greatly gear dependant build (need 5/6x set and a specific weapon and even a ring for it to work properly).

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    I'm going for a hammerdin crusader, and probably a EP/SSS monk. Partly because they looked like a lot of fun, partly because last season I played a carnival WD until the bugs started annoying me, then switched to barb/wiz.

    Also I've never really been able to get into the monk, so it's time I gave it a proper go.

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    I'll play World of Warcraft, because I don't have Diablo 3. Or when I'm bored with that, I might play ultimate frisbee or something cool.

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    Probably Monk/Crus/WD.

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    Monk for sure. the Shenlong Generator build is a lot of fun AND there's a lot of varience to it, meaning you're free to mix it up, should you desire.
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    Still cant decide between crusader and monk

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    I'm gonna try a pet-focused witch dotctor. No real reason why, besides not having played the class properly yet, and wanting to have an army of little minions following me around doing all my work for me.
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    Witch Doctor again, though this time no pet build as it's too slow. Helltooth Acid Rain maybe.

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    Monk probably.

    Haven't played since S2. So if crusader finally has some melee build, maybe crus. But I always found their ranged build boring and dumb for a heavy and shielded archetype.
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    WD as always, well this time I would try Monk, but since WD is getting the most new things... WD it is.

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    I want to play WD, but it seems every one of my friends is playing one Well, i may be rolling DH if that's the case.
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    Not into the blessed hammer shit so I'll pass crusader again this season. Monk will be my choice.
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    DH as I do every season, at least to begin with anyway, ill try other classes but none will get the attention my DH does.

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    Witch Doctor for easy mode.
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    Wizard, cause screw all the easy builds.
    And I love my lightning stun build sooooooooo much
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    Monk, had one on S1 but couldn't play, started a barb on S2 and a DH on S3, so im going back to monk now and later WD/Wiz/Sader...

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    Cold based wizard from a build found over at Icey-Veins and Diablofans.

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    Monk. Did spin to win barb last season. they really didnt get any new toys but monk sure as hell did.

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    Most likely Crusader, although I'm still considering Demon Hunter as well. It's been a while since I've played either.
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