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    Season 4 Greater rift pushing Group forming MMO champ users!

    Heya fellow diablo adventurers,

    Just wanted to make a thread/put the idea out of some group content among Mmo-champion users in the upcoming season 4.

    Anyone interested in leveling gems/pushing high greater rifts once season 4 is into the swing of things on the north american servers feel free to post.

    Ill be playing season 4 maining a Barbarian support/WW.

    btag: paranoia#6171

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    Really no one interested in hitting up some group action when s4 launches?

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    I'm down, djriff#1428 I really want a group to level and gear with too.
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    I would like that, but I play hardcore and i'd assume you don't

    Drishna#1769 if you do

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    I'd also like some action, don't know tho when I'll be 70 since I won't be able to play until mid saturday.

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    Sweet, s4 released tomorrow! Will add you guys. Gona be leveling up on friday

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