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    Talking LF Nightmare/Hell Diablo Kill

    I'm looking for someone to help me kill Diablo on Nightmare or Hell. Please PM me for more info. Thanks.

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    [EU] LF WW Barb (200k dps unbuffed) for MANY uber runs mp8 (we have machines), PM me ( Eltorro#2695 ) or write here your battletag

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    Bloodsail Admiral spaace's Avatar
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    Ontario, Canada
    Demon Hunter, 267k dps (w/unity)
    P-54, trying to get high enough for ROS. (:

    spaace#1370 hit me up.
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    100K DPS WW Barb LF people to farm Act 3 on MP3 or higher.
    Trylb / Galesin
    Winners never quit, Quitters never win
    Nobody Said It Was Easy

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    Looking for someone to do MP9/10 uber bosses for my Hellfire Ring; I've got all 3 machines.

    Battle Tag: Joey#1757
    Region: US
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    Region: US
    Battletag: Johnnydrama#1114

    250K DPS DH looking for someone to paragon level with, and group with overall.

    Send me an invite to my battletag

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    Battle Tag: jelmar#2513
    Region: Europe
    Softcore/Hardcore: Softcore i guess, iam trying to get some awesome stuff, but only get yellow crap anyone wanna farm together? monk 44k dps.
    Difficulty/Act: Inferno MP1-10

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    In an igloo.

    I recently started playing some Diablo 3 again, but after having been off the game for a long time I now only know 2-3 people that play. That's a bit of a bummer if you are like me and love grouping, therefore I'd like to leave my battletag here in hopes of nice people adding me so we can play a bit. I play both SC and HC - my SC Wizard can solo farm Keeps mp10 quite comfortably, and my HC Barbarian is just starting out Inferno.

    Hope to hear from you. Red#2506
    Moderator of - the #1 Mage Theorycrafting community.

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    [EU] LF someone to play random HC challenge

    I'm looking for someone in EU (because of time zone) to play some random HC challenge with me.

    More info:

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    Dec 2011
    if only i had hc char!

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    Im a monk with ~150k dps 45k hp, using cyclone strike build with guiding light(+20% extra dmg for party members)
    Farming act 1. Softcore
    Festering woods->fields of misery->weeping hollow->Halls of agony 2+3(not killing butcher)


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    Can anyone run me through MP10 keywardens please? I'll pay you 7 mil.

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    Battle Tag: gorehowl#1170
    Softcore/Hardcore: soft
    Difficulty/Act: A1 MP10 A3 MP10 300k dps whirly barb lfg

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    Anyone like to jump into Diablo 3 Hardcore from Level 1 with me? :)

    Anyone like to jump into Diablo 3 Hardcore from Level 1 with me?

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    Are you playing EU or US ?

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    Looking for a crew!

    Hi all, I'll be quick, I have found the plans for the hellfire ring on Xbox and am set on the idea of gathering the components to craft one, what I'm looking for is a group of people to go keywarden hunting with, you'll need to have finished the game on inferno and be ablo to handle difficulties from master 4 and upwards. It's gonna be a long haul in aquiring the materials and the uber bosses are going to need a good mix of classes that can take these demons on.

    If you're interested simply add me on Xbox Live and send a message stating "Diablo 3 Keywardens", gamertag is SAS Chimera

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