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    Goblin hunting

    Looking for a good route to get some goblins to farm, anyone have a route they care to share??

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    I have farmed the route I did to farm gear pre RoS: Core of Arreat. Fast, and goblin rate is semi decent there.

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    Their are no set spawns anymore, honestly the best way would just to be to farm whichever bounty you want so you at least get something out of it. Then once you have the boon of the hoarder their is absolutely no point in hunting for it again, yesterday I got 120m or so just from using the boon while running T6 solo rifting.
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    Halls of Agony level 2 still has a decent spawn rate.

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    somewhere in the desert
    core of arreat.
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    I did both of the Towers in act 3(Damned and Cursed iirc) for like 2 or 3 hours yesterday. Seemed to have a decent spawnrate(got 1 set with the community buff, so usually it'd just be 1 goblin) per reset on average, but I only got 1 Greed's Realm out of it. That was on Torment 1, on a badly geared seasonal lightning monk in case that matters.

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    we usualy do act 1 bounties, hoping to get ring of royal grandeur at the same time.

    by clearing all of them, we usualy run into 2-3 packs of goblins every run.

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    The best "route" I came up with was Northern Highlands, then Core of Arreat, repeat. It's almost certainly not true, but whenever I continuously farmed the same location over and over, it felt like the goblins stopped showing up, so I started rotating both and had pretty good luck. Either way it felt like I was finding more so, that's whats important >.>
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    In act 1 there are; northern highlands (make sure to go to both top and bottom areas as they each have a chance to spawn goblins), halls of agony lvl 2- you can keep going to the warden cells if you want). In fields of misery there is that cave (forgot name of cave---with wretched mothers or quest of something like family farthe, ive had good luck finding them on the second level).

    And in act 3 there is core of arreat, and tower of the damned 1 and continue running through until heart of the damned ( ive had little luck with arreat lvl 2.

    That is the places i go to and have had good luck finding goblins.

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    Are there no goblins in act V I noticed I did not see a single one yesterday playing through the entire act V?

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    Just started farming goblins today with a friend, "we just split up in the same game"

    Tower of the damned lvl 1/2
    tower of the cursed lvl 1/2
    core of arreat

    we found minimum 2 goblin spawns in each run and sometimes three
    out of maybe 50 games we had one where we only found one

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    I do Cathedral lv3, Northern Highlands & Leoric's Hunting Grounds. It takes me just 4 minutes total to clear all three and reset (Barbarian with 25% speed + Chilank's Chain + Lut Socks).

    So I generally find 1-3 goblin spawns every 4 mins.

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    I do both the towers (Damned and cursed). Its a very high chance to find one. I don't know about anyone else, but if i find a goblin on one of the floors of a tower, I never find one on the other floor. Might just be me, but I don't waste time going to the second floor if i find one on the first.
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    I find them a lot when helping to power level friends who met an untimely HC death, haha! Still haven't seen a portal though.

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    Not to bump videos, but in The Core of Arreat there is a very high chance of finding them.

    Goblin spawn percentage is roughly:

    Below torment I: ~40%
    Torment I: ~60%
    Torment II: ~ 80-85%
    Higher then Torment III and up, ~85%

    Vault spawns are very random and can be high or low, depending on you're own RNG <3 My book; The Light of Dawn. forever in my heart, never forgotten.

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    Still haven't seen a single vault since the patch went live. I thought with double goblin event I'd at least see one, but I guess it would be pretty silly if it wasn't rare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelimbror View Post
    Still haven't seen a single vault since the patch went live. I thought with double goblin event I'd at least see one, but I guess it would be pretty silly if it wasn't rare.
    same, like I want instant 40mil gold plz
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    Quote Originally Posted by zito View Post
    same, like I want instant 40mil gold plz
    Yeah I had no idea how nuts it was until I watched a youtube video and even my wife who doesn't play D3 was need to get in that place asap. Loot/gold exploding everywhere.

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    Wow, what paragon level are you guys, I'm 91 season paragon and I've seen about 5 vaults since 2.1 went live. 2 while leveling my season monk. The legGem you get at the end is godly.

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    I've killed 20 goblins since 2.1 (14 with the community buff, 6 without) and not seen a vault yet. I'm beginning to think that i'm cursed.

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