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    Your pass; give it to me, now!

  2. #262
    Can anyone email me one? Toallhisdoom(at)

  3. #263
    I would love a pass, shoot me a PM. Much appreciated.

  4. #264
    i got my diablo 3 thru the anual pass so i dont know if i can do guest invites. if i can, how can i do it?

  5. #265
    Nope, only people with boxed copies get the guest passes.

    Reminder: You should give your spare guest pass to me.

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    Please send me one slavasitnik(at)

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    The user Diablo3 wants you to think he's a big Diablo III fan, but what he isn't telling you is that he once said "Diablo II sux. I hate blizzard. Warhammer Online will kill Blizzard and rock!" Is this the kind of person that you want to give your pass to? Warloff on the other hand has been a Blizzard fan since he was a young lad playing Lost Vikings and Rock n' Roll Racing. Give your pass to a true Blizzard fan.

    I am Warloff and I approve this message.


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    Looking for a guest pass, if anyone has one I could use please PM it to me.

    Please and thank you!

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    I would love to have a guest pass for my girlfriend. Can't wait to play this game with her.
    Please PM me if you have one left. You would make two people very happy!

  10. #270
    I would appreciate an EU guest pass. PM me, please and thank you!

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    Got in 2 accidents within a month, bed ridden for a few more weeks. Would love a guess pass to try the game out to help pass this boring time!! Please PM me if you are willing to help

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    Very cool thread. I am looking for a guest pass as well. It will be much appreciated. Cheers!

  13. #273
    Alright, give Daitheflu a pass before me. But, please keep me in mind after him

    Hope you're feeling better, buddy!

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    If anyone can send me a pass PM me, please do and thanks!

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    seriously could use one for my gf

    just pm me please

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  17. #277

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    ppl asking for guest keys

    cjs-cdkeys is selling them for 2 bucks...

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    Looking for a guest pass for US, would be greatly appreciated

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    I'm also looking for a guest pass (US), would be awesome

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