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    Pls guest pass dont want to keep posting for the next 25 odd days

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    Ukraine, IF
    Trying my luck one more time
    If someone has spare guest pass for eu version I will be very grateful

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    Could use one for a friend if someone has one to spare. US version

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    I`d greatly apreciate a guestPass, and will give away mine when I get my Box copy of the game in my mailbox next week.

    Please, anyone? :-)

    Edit: for EU version, please.

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    Guys i reallllllyyyyy wanna play Diablo 3 i was waiting for it for an eternity plzzzz give me a guest pass key i would be sooooooo grateful to you! THANK YOU

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    My email is fenixsnake86(add)gmail(dot)com THANK YOU!

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    I'll buy Diablo 3 tomorrow, if you give me a guest pass now you'll get two in return tomorrow!
    Originally Posted by Tidycat
    Has anybody ever thought that the people that are leaving isnt because the game is bad? 300,000 people. Can we assume that some of those people have since died (im not too sure how they canceled if they died, but whatever),

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    Hello MMO champion community,

    Like others, I am very interested in Diablo 3 and have yet to play any Diablo game. I would very much appreciate it if someone could e-mail me a guest pass.

    andym0107(at)gmail(dot)com - - Please and thank you

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    I'd greatly appreciate if someone could throw me a guest pass. Before throwing $60 at the game I want to see how well it runs on my rig and such.
    Thanks in advance for whomever can help me out with this.

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    I have a spare EU guest pass, not sure how to do this. shall i just pick some one random or first one to PM me gets it?

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    I'll be very glad to have one free guest pass,if somebody wants to give it

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    I'd love a D3 guest pass. EU.

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    I would be grateful if someone sends me a guest pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceDuck View Post
    I have a spare EU guest pass, not sure how to do this. shall i just pick some one random or first one to PM me gets it?

    Some people can't send PM, so if you do the randoms thing it would be great

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    Hello all,
    If you have a spare eu guest pass, i'd like to try.

    my lappy isnt the best and I want to see how it runs!

    many Thanks,

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    I would really like one (NA please)! Thinking about picking the game up!
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    I would be grateful if someone sends me a guest pass as PM or to soul_ride[at]

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    Would like a guest pass if possible please, money is tight at the moment, but hope to get the full game in the future.

    Thanks alot.
    "If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, it would be a much merrier world."
    — J.R.R. Tolkien

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    If anyone has a spare US key, I'd love to check it out.
    PM please.

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    Hello.Can someone please give me a EU guest pass or at least let me borow the account for a few minutes just to test how the game runs on my pc.Ty very much.

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    hi guys, anyone have a guest pass EU? it's very appreciated thanks a lot in advance! bye!!

    PM me please

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