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    Hi! Me and my friend looking for an EU guest pass key to try out D3. If someone could be that kind, please share with me one.

    Thank you!

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    I also need a D3 guest key, EU

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    i would like to try diablo 3 please before actually buying it...i heard too many good and bad things about it...if anyone could help me out with a guest pass i would really apprreciate it! on eu btw
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    Guest Pass Please Send

    United States

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    Looking for a US guest pass please, much appreciated

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    i need 1 guest pass too~~ thanks

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    Hi, I am also want a US Guest Pass if anybody still has some. Thank you for your time!

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    guest pass please US

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    I'm also looking for a guest pass before I decide to purchase the game. Would greatly appreciate it.

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    Here's my last US Guest Pass from my Collector's Edition. First come first serve!


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    Hello, I look for EU guest pass. Would be grateful for that. Thanks

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    please sent me one as well!

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    Hi all, probably a long shot as of the demand but if anyone can send me a guest pass (Euro) it would be much appreciated. I really wanna try this game out but I can't afford for a good few weeks.

    Thanks in advance

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    Does anyone have a Diablo 3 US Guest Pass? I got the annual pass version and now my friend wants to try.

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    My girlfriend and I are interested in trying this game out. If anyone has a US guest pass to spare, we'd be most grateful!

    Thanks ahead of time!!

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    Got a code .. on another site ..

    please ignore this space
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    Hi, I would like to test Diablo 3, if someone have a guest pass I would like to get one, please
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    If anyone would be so kind as to donate a code to a random stranger, I would indeed be grateful.

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    If anyone is feeling nice enough to give away a guest pass I would be extremely grateful!

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