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    I see a lot of Druid love. ^^

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    oooh engineering items look awsome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screwy Maverick View Post
    Are you kidding me? Rip, the combo finisher that I feel defines the whole Feral PVP playstyle, is now a Guardian ability? REALLY?
    Look at the tooltip! It's not a Guardian ability, the thread states wrong. It seems like it's been split so that there is one version for Feral and one for all the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screwy Maverick View Post
    Are you kidding me? Rip, the combo finisher that I feel defines the whole Feral PVP playstyle, is now a Guardian ability? REALLY?
    Well, no. If you read the whole tooltip, it does more damage for feral than for the other specs.

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    @the boomkin...what in the hell is that?

    Ahahahahahahahaha that looks absolutely ridiculous

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    awesome warlock nerfs, thanks



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    Reducing damage 20-30% is not a "tweak;" it's spousal abuse. Widespread indiscretionary warlock nerfs signal live client in 1 week, followed by never being hotfixed or patched again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screwy Maverick View Post
    Are you kidding me? Rip, the combo finisher that I feel defines the whole Feral PVP playstyle, is now a Guardian ability? REALLY?
    If you click the link and carefully read the whole tooltip, you'll see that's there's nothing to go crazy about. It's just seperating the Rip between Feral DPS and Tanking.
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    G91 Landshark - Inflicts ridiculous damage (1,156,250 to 1,343,750) to a nearby enemy.
    Flavor text should be: "I'm just a dolphin ma'am..."

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    thermal anvil!!!

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    Welcome back Corpse Explosion!
    Also, loving then eng changes. Finally some love.

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    Troll Guitar & Orc Microphone? LV70 ETC ftw
    New armoured moonkin form looks ok
    Those new mounts such as the "World Spinner" hmm, I'm interested in that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexsa View Post
    My sister has about 14 level 85 characters. She also has obvisouly all professions in the game covered. Lots of people have this. I myself am only missing LW and Skinning.
    Yeah.. I have 10 level 85s, one of each class, and one of every horde race. Also have all the professions maxed. it is absurdly easy to raise alts if you have heirlooms and use rested exp. I did all my alts at the same time so they were never played without rested exp.

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    Sorry, but these stats are getting out of control. They really just need to lower everying....stats and boss health pools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last DJ View Post
    This dates me so much but oh god Blizzard I love you.
    agreed, started singing the song.... then was thinking that it is rare for Blizz to add such an old easter egg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soeroah View Post
    Hmm, crates, huh? Wonder what those are gonna be for...hopefully trading one type of fragment for another.
    so you can sell them on the AH. Same technology they added for the pet combat system.

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    It's no secret Rogues and Mages scales ridiculously with gear. The proof is in the Logs. It's also no secret that these 2 classes have more control than the next 4 combined. That being said, unless there are some serious changes in these classes a MoP launch, Alter Time is absurdly overpowered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikkarus View Post
    I love how Shamans never appears in those lists. Besides, Druids had new models in the Cataclysm, now again in MoP...
    Shamans still use Models from Vanilla, Elementals, Ghost Wolf, Feral Spirit ¬¬

    It IS the most forgotten class in WoW, no doubt...
    Forgotten if we ignore all the buffs that made every Top 10 in every Battlegroup a Shaman team...

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    First of all gota say i love the new stuff in this build.

    Troll Guitar = Love
    Orc Microphone = Love
    Blingtron = More Love

    Oh and i just browsed the good bits but i found this on a diff website

    It just reminds me of that funny scene from Beverly Hills Ninja (Chris Farley) where he Zens out and is spinning around like a looney because he cant control it lol

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    Also new but not in Notes:


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    Updated Brewfest and Halloween items, this would possibly mean xpac is going to hit on or before September
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    I never normally complain about anything, but as an avid Moonkin player, that armor, is horrific. Thankfuly it's only a small duration, but I am seriously dissapointed by that, if all they plan on doing is sticking some armor onto our form, (Is it just me or does it just not look like it fits them, like it looks as though they copied some shoulders etc and just stuck em on) then I am not holding out much hope for what our new models may look like when thye get around to them;/

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