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    Dat horns!

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    Funny that this news was released on World Turtle Day.

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    This is what we get when they cancel blizzcon and put a tonne of effort into the next expansion.

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    I bet they look stupid when they run though.

    Blizzard tends to do that a lot. Make mounts that look good when they walk, but really silly when they run, which is what you do on them most of the time. Elekks, Mammoths, Camels, Yaks, Turtles.

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    Are they 100%, 0% or 60% mounts? Any hope to get my beloved Sea Turtle to 100% as well?

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    Looks like alligator snappin twutle!

    Bad twuttle! What did that watermelon ever do to u!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratlim View Post
    Are they 100%, 0% or 60% mounts? Any hope to get my beloved Sea Turtle to 100% as well?
    All ground mounts (Save for your turtle) scale to your riding skill. So... depends on your riding skill! (For most people 100% mount)

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    where do u get it from?

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    Does it come in a Manual model? I like shifting

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    I like turtles.

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    I like them ,they look pretty badass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suggs View Post
    i thought it was a little obvious for everyone a bit back when this video was released.
    40 second mark in the youtube vid clearly shows a pandaman sitting on top of a turtle with an umbrella and what not.
    Not really, since that statue is of Liu Lang, the panderan that rode off on Shen-zin Su (the now island-sized turtle that is the Wandering Isle and the turtle in the statue)

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmealex View Post
    where do u get it from?

    They look really good. Better then the yak things people talked about?

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    i can't even describe how excited i am for this mount

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    That's a Tortoise...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crysis View Post
    They look pretty awesome, wonder why are they called "dragon" turtles, did a dragon made it with a turtle ? O.o
    Chinese mythical creature. Related to Black Tortoise, usually depicted as a turtle with a snake. The snake being related to dragons in mythology. So yeah, long story short, Dragon Turtle.

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    They will tort... turtue us!

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    They look cool, though the only thing I don't really like is the nose ring, but that's just me

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    I wonder if horde pandas have slightly different models than alliance pandas

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    I love the turtle, well done.

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