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    I hope it doesn't come with russians talking everytime you login.

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    in before "omg this login screen sucks screw Bli$$ard I'm not buying this xpac and I quit".

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    Can any1 say LotR?

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    Beautiful golden colours and a very tranquil look .. I like alot , as prev stated total contrast to some previous gloom and doom xD

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    I really enjoy the opening login screen, but will agree, it needs a bit more colors...add fall colors or something like that to brighten it up slightly

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    No one shall pass into Pandaria !!!

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    Looks very cool... I can already tell the emo kids are gonna hate this xpac. which is a good thing.

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    I'm getting a "The Lord of the Rings" vibe.

    Looks nice, though. Wasn't what I expected, but I won't mind looking at it every time I log in.

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    Loving the new login screen, very calm

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    Autum looking login screen...Autum release??

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    Worst login screen ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babyrobot View Post
    Autum looking login screen...Autum release??
    Don't even start.

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    Will the title screen have two russian guys laughing and blathering at each other during the scene too? :P

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    I think its a cool looking log in screen :P makes a change from the darkness of the cata one

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    Hmm pretty dull but anything beats the current one IMO.

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    One does not simply walk into Pandaria.

    And I admit, I would of prefered more green / bright colors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immanis View Post
    Uhm...why are people complaining about this? How long do you honestly spend on the login screen? I like it.
    People complain because it's not the vanilla login screen (which is the best btw)

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    Looks nice. I like login screens where a 'new world awaits', but not screaming dragons.
    This one says, don't dare to cause any trouble in there!

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    Looks nice - AND NOT NOISY - which is a big plus.

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    i really don't think that's the final login screen, remember Cata BETA? It had 2 or 3 login screens before the final one.

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