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    new Reaper of Souls video
    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
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    RoS Torment 6 - 65 mil XP and 420 000 gold in 2-3 mins - Cursader Pov

    Hello there!

    Here i am again, sharing with you my run, for a very high xp and gold reward! The only trick here, is that you are required to kill normal monsters in torment 6. For more info have a look here : .

    Hope you enjoy!
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    This is just me and my friends having fun through RoS! (This one is in the middle of Act II)

    Check out my Twitch channel!!

    Highlights of which are on my Youtube channel!!

    And Follow me on Twitter for all updates!!

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    The best kind of unboxing video, the Hard Core kind

    So I have a friend who realllllyyyy likes hard core. He decided to make a video about it. He farmed up 35 Horadric caches thinking they were better than they were and it would be super exiting way to kick of streaming. Anyway can someone please watch this it would make him super happy if the view count on this went up.

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    I feel like I'm watching a Retsupurae video except without the funny riffing over the top.

    (Retsupurae makes fun of bad let's plays)
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    Crusader Kills T2 Diablo by doing NOTHING.

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    Judgement Day Event
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    Heya Guys, It's a me, Danion (You have to say it in an Italian Accent)

    During the last couple of days I have been thinking about what a new and exciting build I could try, but all the time I end up with Arcane. It simply does the most damage of everything, although arguable, other builds can be more fun.
    But when I play Diablo in my few hours I have left thanks to a normal job, I want to be as efficient as possible.

    So I came up with a video that shows a in depth guide on how to play a Melee Wizard (Spectral Wiz) and in such a way that you can use this build very effectively without much gear. A added bonus: It's a lot of fun.

    I already did a very in depth guide on the Arcane Torrent version of the build, but I decided to compare the two while running a single rift on Torment 1.

    The conclusion is that the Arcane Torrent build goes faster, but the Spectral blade is not very far behind. The only real downside so far with this build; in RoS they added a lot of fast moving and jumping ranged mobs. They can be quite annoying.

    It's a 'long' vid, but only a couple of minutes longer then my previous one

    Hope you enjoy! <3 My book; The Light of Dawn. forever in my heart, never forgotten.

    ** ** Danion's Gaming Hub! It's on now!

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    Australian Oceanic Multi Class Veteran of the Burning Crusade Wars!
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    Hey folks, just started a YouTube channel and as something a bit different I'm doing a series where I have to loot AND equip everything I find. This should lead to some interesting times. First video:

    Here be linkage

    I'm planning on doing a weekly video, probably uploaded on Saturdays. Any advice/comments (negative welcome ofc) please feel free to pass them along.

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    Cool [Video] Song about Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

    My new song about Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls:

    Its not my first song about Blizzard's game. I also have song about WoW (in russian):

    You could find the lyrics and link for free mp3 at youtube video description

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    The BEST spots for ALL Legendary Craft Mat (Video)

    Its been awhile since i made/posted a video, so i worked my butt off and got a good one done for you guys!

    I've made a video showing the best places to farm any of the Legendary Crafting materials, as well as showing what bounties there are for each item for diversity! I have every Craft mat drop recorded, so if anyone has bad luck, they wont lose hope! I also show screens of the equipment each craft mat makes, to inspire people to go out and farm for some recipes!

    It's taken a good week to farm/film all the drops, as well as 3 days video editing. This is by far the best video i have ever made and it would be awesome if ya'll would check it out and tell me what ya think!

    Without further delay, here's the link to the video

    make sure to Subscribe if you like video, I hope this is a geat help to you all!
    Many thanks toAngztelite Guide creator for all the info, and for inspiring me to get this video made! Your a Legend dude, keep up the good work!

    The Overmind

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    Thanks for the guide man.
    3ds FC : 3282 - 3081 - 0371

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    Hey everyone Has the Legendary drop bonus in diablo 3 got your blood pumping for loot? I saved up a whole stash page full of unIdentified Legendaries. Check out this video to see what awesome loot i aquired!
    Comment or subscribe if you'd like to see me save up another stash page of Legendaries takes some mental fortitude to save all those XD

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    [Video] The Story of Diablo's Creation, Anu & the Dragon

    Hi all.

    I decided to give story telling a try and chose to do Anu & the Dragon as my first. Feedback and constructive critisism would be very welcome!

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    So, only one flaw, at the end you talk about the pandemonium fortress being built around the worldstone. That is of course true, but would of been good to mention that Tyrael later actually destroyed the Worldstone.

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    Don't have time to watch it all at the moment, but I skimmed through it. Very nicely done, impressive quality for a first video. You got yourself a subscriber.
    Being called foolhardy just means regrets and limits won't ever stop you.

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    Double goblin pack rift

    Plus 2 elite packs plue rift guardian.

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    Thank you for the feedback!

    I did say that it was the original location of it, but will keep things like that in mind for my future videos

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