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    Wizard strat: equip Familiar - Ancient Guardian, Teleport - Wormhole, and Venom Hydra.
    Take off all HP regen gear. Get your hp down past 35%, drop a hydra near him and teleport to the other side of the map and wait. Drop a venom hydra on the ground before he blink-strikes you, then teleport across the map again. Rinse and repeat till he is dead.

    Edit: also please don't start multiple threads with the same stuff to get attention on your YouTube Channel, this could have easily been added to your other thread instead of completely starting a new one...
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    I started a new one because I believe the strategy can apply to other classes, not just barbarians. But you're right, and upon reflection I agree that mentioning that a video exists can be similar to linking it. I'm perfectly willing to and have made written guides, but I find the video format much more instructive. Therefore, I've decided not to recreate watered down written versions, and from now on I'll confine my activity to answering questions in my barb thread

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    Placing it where it blongs!
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    I am the promotion manager for Oxid (best monk EU) and Archie (best barbarian EU).

    They solo all inferno bosses with ease, even in 4 player mode, with average inferno gear.

    If you have any questions feel free to join their livestreams:
    Oxid: http://www.own3d.tv/oxid_live
    Archie: http://www.own3d.tv/itsArchie

    Here is a video example showing Oxid vs Belial Inferno 4 player mode SOLO.

    Cheers Evitinia
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    Hey guys, here's my Monk Dodge Tank build, the guide explains how to solo farm Act 2 Inferno with 5 stacks of Nephelem Valor and kill Belial.

    Here's the build I'm using: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculato...dhg!UYX!ZaZbca

    Use the fastest attack speed weapon you can find (no less than 1.4 ideally), with a piece or two of Increased Attack Speed (IAS) gear you should be around 1.7 (or more, the more the better!). Keep Sweeping Wind up on large packs / elite packs, combined with Backlash damage this spec can actually kill things very quickly while still being a defensive tank build. In multi-player games, where you are solely a tank, swap Sweeping Wind for Breath of Heaven for extra survivability and healing.
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    hey all I thought with all the talk about 2h and tank barbs i'd like to showcase some duel wield pwnage. Below is short 3 min vid of me killing stuff in Whimsyshire, killing some elites, seigebreaker, 5 sec butcher kill, Zoltun and Rakanoth.

    (Apologies for the quality. My upload speed sucks and i'm unsure how to get it better quality to be frank with free fraps and windows movie maker.)

    I have 78k dps unbuffed and use Weapons master, Ruthless and Berserker Rage. With Berserker and Battle rage and Fury Maniac stacks I reach 140k dps and close to near 300k with WotB. My defenses aren't strong 37k hp and 500-700 res. It's enough to take a few hits so it's not entirely glass cannon. My weapons are 2 fairly bog standard 800 dps 1 handers which may come as a surprise.

    Unbuffed - http://imgur.com/a/JZNpV#2
    Buffed - http://imgur.com/a/JZNpV#0
    Madman - http://imgur.com/a/JZNpV#1
    Weapons - http://imgur.com/a/JZNpV#3

    My build is exactly identical to a 2hander build EQ+WotB build and the tactics are the same. Dual weild seems a lot smoother particularly when using Sidearm rune. If I use a skill like Seismic Slam with Rift rune I can still crit it for 370k.

    Monster crit with Dread Bomb - http://imgur.com/i3yPG

    If you like dual wielding then don't be shy to try it out. I find it a lot more smoother than using a 2 hander.

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    Im wondering why hell bosses seem to have so VERY low hp.

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    Accidentally posted my vid in the wrong section, this should be the right one now though :P

    Grew tired of smashing vases in act 4 24/7 so I decided to try this method of gold farming and it turned out to work pretty well.
    Made a video describing the possibilities and giving a few tips, it's kinda self-explanatory though..just take a look.

    Have fun!

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    The butcher gets butchered!
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    Diablo Inferno Kill Barb PoV

    I hope you enjoy this Video!

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    Shoulda really used the Benny Hill music for this, testing out Sprint/Rend build.

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    Monk vs Diablo in 2:17

    Stats and gear in the video description on youtube
    Newti - unplugged (EU Eredar) - 6/8 HC, 7/7 HC, 13/13 HC

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    Sprinting to death in Act II:

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    Here is my dual wield barb with low res/hp but 100k+ dps facing Diablo on Inferno.

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    Finally rendered some Diablo 3 footage and uploaded it to Youtube last night! :O

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    Random leveling clips

    Incase you're bored; )

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    Witch Doctor Belial Solo

    Aussie Ping

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    Please check out my LP and consider subscribing

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    wow that is awesome skills man

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