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    computer case - which is better?

    between the haf x and the nzxt phantom?

    they both seem like quality full tower cases, which has the edge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    between the haf x and the nzxt phantom?

    they both seem like quality full tower cases, which has the edge?
    i personally have owned and used the haf x in the past and i loved it only got rid of it for a custom mountain mod

    personally i would go with the haf x just make sure u order a 2nd fan for the top as it only comes with 1 and i in fact replaced all of my fans with higher quality fans

    the cable management on the haf x is nice as well

    i have nothing bad to say about the other case as it has good reviews i just have personally used the haf x and like the coolermaster cases and use them in a lot of builds i do

    u could do something crazy like i did =p


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    Out of those, I'd pick neither actually. If you really want a full-tower, I see no reason to go for budget. I'd recommend the Corsair 650D instead. It's just slightly smaller than the Phantom.

    If I had to pick out of those two exclusively, I'd go for the Phantom. Mainly due to the design, but also because I used to have that case and I know what it offers in terms of build quality, features and functions. It is very plastic though and the whole case screams "budget".

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    There is an NZXT Phantom 410 which is a mid tower and actually descent quality if you like the way it looks.

    Corsair 500R or 650D (has a side window but no front USB 3.0 internal header) are good alternatives
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    Or Switch 810.

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