Thread: Enough power?

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    Enough power?

    I just got my second graphics card and want to know if I have enough power to sli it with my existing.

    Motherboard: asus P8Z68 - pro
    Memory: 2 x 4gig corsair vengeance
    Heatsink: Cooler master v6 gt
    CPU: i7 2600 sandy bridge
    Gpu: (looking to have sli) 2x evga superclocked 465 1024 mb
    Hard drives: ( 1tb wd black )
    500g hd
    900g hd
    Fans: 2x 200 mm
    2x 120mm

    Current power - corsair 750 hx professional series

    Question: can I have the 2 cards in there and if so do I have extra power?
    Question2: power difference from a wd black compared to a ssd?

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    one you have plenty of power to sli some 465s and two the power difference is huge between your WD and your SSD the biggest difference is the lack of actual moveing parts in a SSD which brings the amps down to like 2.

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    So is more power needed for a hd? If I wanted could I add a ssd to my existing setup with the 2x 465 SUPERCLOCKED. My concern is the box says 550 watt minimum for 1
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    honestly just get a bigger SSD and just replace it with your HD and if you honestly need more space make your current HD an external. and yes youl be fine with 750 watts for the two 465s

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    But say I really wanted to keep my 3 hd and add say a 60 gig ssd. Hypothetically could I?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berttholio View Post
    But say I really wanted to keep my 3 hd and add say a 60 gig ssd. Hypothetically could I?

    of course

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    Well my current system:

    Phenom II 945 OC'd at 3.8ghz very minor voltage increase
    2x 4890's also OC'd
    OCZ Agility SSD + 1TB Seagate + 500GB (something that I forgot)
    8GB of ram

    Same PSU and last time I checked with my watt meter, at full load it pulled 330-350W (full load being Prime95 + 3DMark), was quite awhile ago when I was still testing my OC/Build when I bought it.

    Box usually says that because low end PSU's even if they list as like 500W won't have the power to run a lot of high end video cards. At 750W with a good corsair you shouldn't run into any problems powering that system. If you wanted to check your peak output you can grab a watt meter to check what your actually using. I've loved it cause it helps me calculate what my computer actually is costing me each year. They aren't 100% accurate but can give you a good tool for comparison.
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