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    13/14HM LF all spec Shaman+Warlock and SP 2 nights per week 8:45pm-12:45am EST

    Hello MMO!


    RAID SCHEDULE- Tuesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12:45am EST (invites at 8:30, first boss pull at 8:45, 10 min break in the middle and last boss pull at 12:45, we will always end by 1am)
    Party Shark was formed in the Summer of 2013 with the goal of combining the best aspects of Hardcore and Casual to form a 2 night per week guild that not only kills end tier heroic bosses while current, but also does it on a light schedule with an enjoyable raid atmosphere and community. Elitism and douchebaggery are not accepted here, while complacency and mediocrity are equally intolerable as well.

    As a community and raid team we are talented,committed,communicable and efficient,constantly challenging ourselves to meet and exceed our goals on our 8 hour per week raid schedule while also getting the utmost enjoyment out of the game. We take pride in what we do and it shows with our results.
    *GM/Raid Leaders/Officers who have all played in top 25/50 Us guilds, Our officers are experienced, talented and devote the time needed to make our guild succeed.

    *Our Raiders- Most of our raiding core are formerly of top us 100lvl guilds, we look for at least one current end tier boss kill during progression as a prerequisite to joining, our members are no stranger to top end raiding and we want to keep it that way.
    Our guild was founded 7/3/2013

    We run a roster around 30 raiders. This means that we do not recruit for full time bench positions. If we accept you as a trial, you will see raid time. For raid encounters that are especially demanding on compositions, the best comp and players will play. On farm nights, we rotate our lineup depending on need for gear, playing time, and comp for the fight to maintain efficiency.

    -----Currently Recruiting-----
    Enhancement Shaman
    Shadow Priest
    Ele Shaman
    Warrior DPS
    Resto Shaman

    *We will always consider any exceptional player regardless of class*
    Add us on REAL ID if you're interested in our guild

    Or Chat with us in game
    Omnomnomms (Gm/recruitment)
    Disciplíne (Officer/Logistics/recruitment)
    Endsu (Raid Lead, Performance evaluation)
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    Cats go Boooop

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    Boooooooooooop ya'll

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    We met the muffin man

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    While cats go boooop, what does the fox say?

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    Neneenenenenrrrr nenenenenenenene memememmeememmeeeme

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    thats what he says i guess

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