Guild: Hordecore(H)
Server: Madaron(PvE)
Raid Hours: Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:15-10:15 PM CST
Progression: 14/14 25N 14/14 25H

Hordecore is in need of dedicated players who are willing to continue to work towards the goal of killing Garrosh, we were able to down him on August 7th. We have some people who are going to be taking a break soon and gonna need to fill in the spots, not just what is listed below but anything else if you feel like you can compete:

Holy Paladin
BRM Monk
Death Knight (DPS)

Also this isn't just only for this expansion we are also planning on being a mythic raiding guild in WoD, so if you show us you are worth it you could earn a spot already for that raiding team. If you are interested in this or have any questions about the guild/raiding, feel free to add my battletag or post on this thread. Thanks for your time and looking forward to the responses.

Kraig#1462 (Officer) Nero#1484 (Officer)