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    [A] Exergy is Recruiting For Mythic and More! (US - Proudmoore)

    Exergy Of Proudmoore is Recruiting for our Highmaul progression team 6/7N 1/7H, as well as our newly formed Weekend group 5/7N 1/7H

    About us:

    Teamwork is the cornerstone of our guild. We strive for excellence in both PvE and PvP challenges while fostering an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. Our definition of success is being able to meet or exceed our progression goals while maintaining an enjoyable raiding and drama free, social environment.

    About you:

    Be prepared, reliable, knowledgeable, and capable. Our members exemplify proficient gameplay, have a positive attitude, act with maturity and thrive on friendly competition.

    Weekday Mythic Progression Team :

    Monday,Wed and Thurs, 6:15-9:15 pm (PST).

    Our specific needs are ranged DPS. There are always potential openings for those who play their class with stellar performance.

    Special preference to exceptional Mistweaver monks, Holy Priests, and DPS with Tanking OS. Need one non absorb healer.

    Our Loot system is EPGP for fairness and consistency.

    The Weekend Team - Saturday and Sunday 2pm-5pm (PST) Currently recruiting most classes. Reliability is of paramount importance. We are full on Rogue positions at this time. Preference given to DK Tanks! Looking for experienced Tanks who are vocal and capable of leading group with Raid Leader. Ranged dps are also needed!

    We are always accepting social players, late nighters, PvPers, achievers, and anyone who simply wants to have fun!

    If you are interested in solid raiding or just being social and hanging out with great people, you can B-Tag me at Cinque#1659. You can also contact Bluepheonix#1371, Dreggz#1805 and Theaftermax#1250.

    In addition, you can apply online at exergy.guildlaunch.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Need ranged dps! Come check us out and give us a try!
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    Great guild! Fantastic people and there's always something going on. Check us out

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    Still looking for ranged dps or a MW Monk!

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    DPS with tanking OS in demand and still looking for stellar rdps to round out the core team! Give us a shout in game or online at exergy.guildlaunch.com!

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    Also looking for a non absorb healer! MW Monk would be great!

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