Hello all,

<G L O R Y> of US-Illidan, currently (7/7)N (1/7)H, is seeking all DPS to finish out our roster for Heroic and Mythic Raiding.

We are a tight knit group who have been playing together since vanilla and we would like to be able to progress into Mythic Content.

We currently have a solid 12 man roster and are looking to expand to finish Heroic and begin Mythic content.

Raid times:
Tuesday, Sunday: 7:00-11:00 CST

Recruitment needs (ilvl 840+ Preferred):
All DPS Classes.

We recruit good players not just classes. We are trying to establish a 25-30 man roster to be able to efficiently place classes into the fights that benefit the success of the raid the most.

If this seems like an opportunity that you would be interested in please feel free to add me on Battletag and send me a message in game and we can chat some more.

Thanks for your time.


Battletag: Improbus - GM - Improbus#1809
Battletag: Palabee - Officer - ThetaTed#1753