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    Horde <Harsh> Area 52 [H] 10/10H

    <Harsh> is looking to further progress into mythic with some solid ranged dps. Currently 10/10H, 1/7M and 3/3H for the old stuff, but why should you join us? We're a group of filthy casuals that have been together since BC, discord is anything but quiet and you'll usually find someone making fun of the GM (me) at all times throughout the day. Looking to fill a few spots to start our mythic progression. We do not recruit for the bench.

    We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11 EST, use personal loot (cause screw dkp right?), and are constantly running M+. We have an extreme need for some solid ranged dps, but all classes will be looked at. If you're a sensitive person or need a safe space because of words, this probably isn't the guild for you.

    We want people that look to better themselves outside of the 6 hours we raid so that as a guild we are constantly improving. If you feel like you'd like to talk it over with me or have any questions message me at Feedback#1425. Thanks!

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