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    Alliance [A] <Eradicate> US-Whisperwind Newly Formed Raid Team Needs You!

    <Eradicate> was formed just recently as a response to a lack of focused leadership in our previous guild. We are looking to clear Normal and Heroic content on a light raiding schedule. If you are tired of your guild wiping on Nythendra because of people liking to pulse rot on top of you, we may be right up your alley. Raid leader is 7/7N with raiding experience dating back to BC.

    -Raids will be Thursday and Sunday from 7:30-10:30 server. We are adults with careers and families, so raiding more than twice a week isn't something we are interested in. We do however expect everyone to come prepared and focused to clear content as quickly as possible.

    -We will be using Discord for raid communication. It's free and it works really well.

    -A website and Facebook page are currently in the works for discussion and keeping up to date with guild events.

    -We are currently in need of everything. We prefer 840+ ilvl but if you aren't quite there still talk with us, skill>gear.

    -We will eventually be able to provide guild repairs and consumables for raids as the guild grows.

    -Our main focus will be clearing Normal and Heroic raiding content. Depending on roster and desire, we may do some mythics as well.

    I understand if you are hesitant about joining a brand new guild, but I can assure you leadership is top notch and you will be able to enjoy a relaxed environment without wasting your time. The goal is to have 20 raiders but once we have enough to start raiding we will do so. Let's make Whisperwind great again!

    For more details and general interest, please contact Shanknasty or Lippz in-game, or hit me up on my btag: Shanknasty#1343

    Hope to hear from you all soon!
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