About Us:

<Teen Angst Tuesday> is a new guild on US-Shadowmoon made up of many retired higher-end raiders. Many of our raiders were once in <The Horsemen> a US Top 30 guild before they stopped raiding. We loved it there but now prefer to raid in a less serious but still efficient raiding atmosphere. We are a casual guild and have a very laid back raid environment, but we only raid one day a week and therefore are very focused when the raid encounter calls for it.


Highmaul: 7/7H
Blackrock Foundry: 6/10H

We are currently looking to balance out our roster in preparation for the rest of BRF and Mythics in the future.

Raid Times:

We raid only on Wednesdays 9pm – 12am EST. We know everyone has things to do which is why we raid only one day a week. That said, we take that raid day seriously and expect everyone to come prepared to raid with consumables and an up to date knowledge of their class/spec.

Current Needs:

1-2 Melee – We are in High need of melee DPS. This includes Monks, Pallies, Druids, Warriors and Enhance Shammies.

Ranged - Can always use good ranged DPS. Lacking a Hunter atm. Huge plus to ranged with healing offspec (that they don't mind playing sometimes).

If you are interested in hearing more, please feel free to add me (Karabi#1914) or visit TeenAngstTuesday.com!!


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Still Looking!

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Still Looking!

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