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    [H] Unfadable has returned - Recruiting for Mythic Progression (2/7 Mythic)

    <Unfadable> Is a horde guild on US-Laughing Skull. We have been on the server since just about day 1 and are back for legion raiding. We're looking for a few extra people to build up our roster for Mythic progression. Most of the guild has been playing together for most of World of Warcraft besides some breaks after expansions.

    Current Progression 2/7 Mythic

    Raid Times:

    Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm to 11:00pm Central
    (Invites for raid start at 7:15pm)

    We only raid 2 days a week but like to kill bosses quickly and effectively.


    All exceptional players are encourage to apply despite what were looking for. Having logs is a plus!!!

    Tank: None at the moment
    DPS: Hunter and a Warrior with a tank offspec that is actually used (example tanking on Elerethe)
    Heals: None at the moment


    please add mattnix#1992 or Demise#1377 for questions.

    Thanks for reading!!! Have a good day!
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